For those that have practiced karezza for awhile, did you stop having wet dreams?

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I am currently single, male, doing nofap, and quite frequently have wet dreams.

I was just curious for those in karezza relationships, do you still have wet dreams? Or did karezza harmonize and balance your sexual energy eliminating or diminishing your wet dreams?

Thanks. :)

No wet dreams

Cuddling and Karezza provide an outlet for sexual energy and keep it high while not expressing as tension that must be released by a wet dream. Can’t remember the last one I had. Must have been years 

Male Kegals helped me

Several years ago, when I was single, I used to have "wet dreams" periodically. What helped me
was to strengthen my PC muscle by completely cutting off the flow of urine several times whenever
I emptied my bladder. At first I could not even cut off the flow completely, but as I continued the
exercises my PC got stronger and before too long I no longer had any orgasms in my sleep.