Alan Watts discusses sexual-spiritual technique

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A forum member shared this audio file of Watts discussing his take on karezza and Chinese sexual practices. From the person who sent the link:

I timestamped it for you around the most relevant part. But before and after that timestamped area is pretty relevant too. At 43:55 he says the word "karezza".



As amazing

as Alan Watts is, I am not sure he got this one right. Maybe he did, but I'm not sure. He said "coitus reservatus, or karezza to use the Persian word." I am not sure if that is accurate. Is karezza a Persian word?

Oh, actually I did find something on this. Wikipedia mentions Alan Watts was not accurate in saying karezza is a Persian word.

Is that accurate? Probably so.

Oh well...

Not Persian

but rather a variation on the Italian word for "caress" (which is "carezza"), according to Stockham herself, who coined it. But that's not a big deal.

I agree

It is not a big deal. I still wonder what would have led Alan Watts to think it was a Persian word.

That aside, what he says about karezza, and the fact that he mentions it, is interesting and good to hear.

Alan Watts' writings helped me

Alan Watts book, Nature, Man, and Woman, was an important step in my search for sexual truth. I especially recommend the last chapter, Consummation. Watts himself considered Nature, Man and Woman (1958) to be, "from a literary point of view—the best book I have ever written."

He refers to Sex Perfection by Rudolph Von Urban and Watts' description of the sexual act has many common threads with karezza. I do, however, disagree with Watts' view on orgasm and ejaculation.

He also speaks highly of the scissors position -- "In this way the contact is purely genital and the whole relationship between the two "pours through" this center. While this is an excellent way of beginning, there is no reason to make it a fixed rule, though there is an extraordinary intensity in letting the whole feeling-relationship pass through the sexual centers alone."

Thanks for the Lead to the Chapter

I read 'Consummation,' which Marnia sent to me. I agree with many of Watts' points, such as the joys of unrushed physical intimacy. And, his language is wonderful and stirring. But, his view of physiology -- that the male orgasm is not a debilitating leakage of strength -- and of post-coitus -- that climax (ecstasy) leads to clarity and peace -- is at odds with my experience.

I enjoyed reading the chapter and of Watts' lovely and powerful thoughts on love and sex. But, I am most happy with Karezza, and am most happy that I stay clear of peak orgasm. I just need to work with my wife to incorporate Watts' unrushed physical intimacy into our life.