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Just read Dr. Northrup's nice little book (168 pages) "The Secret Pleasures of Menopause". I ordered it from the library as part of my libido project to get my wife more interested in sex. The success of that project is my presence here. She's close to the mark about health and pleasure. She includes orgasm with a "you can if you want" kind of attitude. Her chapter "The Seven Keys...." is an excellent guide and has given me lots of simple stuff to work with. She describes simple breathing exercise from Siada Desilet with a helpful picture ( I am a visual learner). She's part of the Oprah gang so her chapter headings and sub headings have a "rah rah let's go for the O" feel to them but the meat of her discourse is quite satisfying. My Isadora didn't like the book.

I'm struggling with Louise Hay (You Can Heal Yourself) affirmations...I just can't get into it. I think I am still in rebellion against my father's Christian Science. If a situation is bad, call it out, clearly say "This is bad" and deal with it. I don't want to say it's OK. I also don't like negative self talk and maybe she can help with that.



I haven't read the book

but I'm glad to hear it's sensible. There's already too much garbage out there.

Can you not find some kind of contact your wife likes and offer it *daily* for a bit? Even if it doesn't involve hugging (at first). Somehow I sense the alligator thing *can* work. But it will take time.