For those that have practiced karezza for awhile, did you stop having wet dreams?

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I am currently single, male, doing nofap, and quite frequently have wet dreams.

I was just curious for those in karezza relationships, do you still have wet dreams? Or did karezza harmonize and balance your sexual energy eliminating or diminishing your wet dreams?

Thanks. :)

No wet dreams

Cuddling and Karezza provide an outlet for sexual energy and keep it high while not expressing as tension that must be released by a wet dream. Can’t remember the last one I had. Must have been years 

Male Kegals helped me

Several years ago, when I was single, I used to have "wet dreams" periodically. What helped me
was to strengthen my PC muscle by completely cutting off the flow of urine several times whenever
I emptied my bladder. At first I could not even cut off the flow completely, but as I continued the
exercises my PC got stronger and before too long I no longer had any orgasms in my sleep.

Hi, would you kindly let me

Hi, would you kindly let me know if you noticed a yellowish discolouration in your semen before you trained your PC muscle ?

The reason for me asking this question is detailed on my reply below, if you don't mind


That´s a very interesting

That´s a very interesting thread for two reasons

- first i have a huge amount of wet dreams(at least one per week, sometimes two in the same night) and i am hopeful my karezza practice will help. Although i have made peace with wet dreams, it is still messy, specially if you are slepping in some other place (like an hostel or camping). Since i know my current partner i have felt a decline in wet dreams (but we only had sex three times so far, and one of those it ended with orgasm after a good two hour loung session). I am also abstinent from porn and masturbation for 530 days (i know because have an account on nofap reddit)

- second: the answer from "blissed" left me intrigued because there's a thing i have noticed in my semen for some time. It has a yellowish discolouration which i have atributed to leakageof urine into sperm, which can also happen when i empty my bladder before ejaculation (so maybe not urine ? normal variation ? assymptomatic infection ? prostate issues ?). I have wondered if this leakage results from some degree of urinary sphincter incontinence or muscle disfunction as i am young and have no symptoms. So if by strenghtening pelvic muscles we can avoid wet dreams, maybe wet dreams (and my urine leakage into the semen) occur more often when there is muscle/sphincter weakness and, my hypothesis about the urine leakage being correct, it would mean i could fix both problems

I have tried kegels exercise mainly for fun (sexual energy practices) and to practice relaxation( doesnt it remind you of progressive relaxation ?) and transfering my attention from my head into my body.
But i havent done it consistently so i can not say if it will help with wet dreams

Not sure if this applies to your situation

But as men stop ejaculating as frequently they often notice a change in semen consistency. This isn't necessarily a bad thing. Some have said when they were ejaculating very, very (too?) frequently, their semen quantity was low and the quality was watery. Obviously, if you view that as "normal" due to long-term habits, then the "normal" consistency of infrequently ejaculated semen may seem odd.

More on wet dreams (and perhaps answers to some of your questions) can be found here: WET DREAMS

Hi Marnia !

Hi Marnia !

Well i dont know exactly how my real sperm is right now ( wet dream sperm is not real sperm ahaha)

The yellowish discolouration was more strongly present in my retarded PMO days, when i was ejaculating maybe every other day or so and i could see the sperm.
Now, when i have a wet dream i try to look how the sperm is, and it is usually watery and less yellow. But my sperm from wet dreams has always had a different quality than from masturbation

Guess i have to orgasm with my partner to see if the discolouration persists. But it is just one time Wink

Weirdly I still get them but

Weirdly I still get them (or whatever you can the female equivalent) but my husband doesn't at all. Said he doesn't finish in his dreams just like in waking life. Sometimes mine are not even caused by a sexual experience in the dream. I did notice the few days later fall out showing up from the last one. At least I knew why I was feeling off-balanced.

Yes, knowing why is definitely helpful

Some people have noticed that wet dreams (for women too) can be linked to eating something unaccustomed and really sugary (or refined-starchy), or seeing something particularly erotic. Or none of the above. Pardon

Pays to keep a sense of humor and not worry about perfection.