Types of orgasm and ejaculation - differente effects

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Hello my friends,

I know this forum is not so much about orgasm Wink
But i would like to know if you, male members, experience different types of ejaculations ?

For instance, i can recognize two major types. That which comes fast and furious, which everyone knows very weel. The other comes with a slowly building orgasm and a kind of ejaculation that seems like a tank which is completely filled and begins to flow out.

Are there different postorgasmic effects of each type of orgasm ?
I am beginning to think and experience that the second one does not have the same nasty effects

Also, i have observed that when i ejaculate again after the first one, the loss of energy is not additive (1+1) but sinergistic, the depletion is greater or much more noticeable

well, thanks everyone

Not sure this is relevant

But this man reports a difference too (although he didn't address "fall out"): Day 490 - Free from porn. Maybe edging to porn for hours creates more of a build up.

Over the years, I've often heard that orgasms you don't "try for" cause less fall out, in both men and women. This would be consistent with the hypothesis that dopamine plays a role in the severity of after effects. Dopamine is the "gotta get it" neurochemical, and striving for a more explosive climax would likely raise it - and mean the brain would experience the orgasm's effects more.

Researchers really need to look into the entire cycle: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/marnia-robinson/orgasm-research_b_2690296...

Hi Marnia, my limited

Hi Marnia, my limited experience also seems to confirm the hypothesis that orgasms that happen as an accident are less depleting. You can have an orgasm and remain relaxed. My first ever O with a woman was like that...after a good lenghty karezza exchange.

I have often wondered about

I have often wondered about this as I have noticed vastly different hangover effects depending on the way that I approach orgasm and also whether the orgasm is ejactulatory, non-ejactulatory, intended or not. Most of wwhat follows come from solo experimentation - I find partnered activity provides less of an opportunity to feel within and observe what is happening.

I generally try to limit ejaculation to once every three or four weeks. I have the opportunity to ejaculate should I wish on average 4 - 5 times per week. Outside of "going all the way" I content myself with experiencing non-ejactulatory "valley" orgasms or hanging out on the edge for extended periods.

So here is what is true for me:
There is a wealth of information on this site around controlling the circulation of energy, moving the energy with breath etc and these have formed the basis of my practice, When not going all the way I find that I can raise the energy and sensation of the valley orgasms by consciously breathing the energy up into my body at a point where I sense the edge approaching. So if a full-on ejactulatory orgasm is number 10 and not feeling anything is number 0 I will raise the sensation and pleasure to, say, 7 and then move the energy and attention away from my genitals and up into my torso or higher. The very practice of moving the energy then sets off a muted but distinct orgasm response (tingling, muscle contractions, noises). Each subsequent round then provides more intense sensation and energy. This continues until the "valley" orgasm provides an intensity of feeling and sensation higher than the 10 on the previous scale had I worked my way to ejaculation from the outset. Hope this is making sense.
When I practice this way, I experience full-blown (albeit sensationally different) orgasm without ejaculation. In the days that follow I find my energy levels to be very high, I feel really connected to myself, the world and to my partner. Basically, I feel fantastic. No hangover or similar. This fades over time but will generally hang around for 3 days or so.

Within the context of the above, when I do ejaculate I will observe the hangover but it varies greatly in intensity according to the manner and intention of the orgasm. If I decide that I am going all the way then I will follow the above protocol until the energy is very high and I have breathed the energy all the way up to my heart area or higher. When I finally release from that elevated state the orgasm is mind-blowing and has a full-body element to it, not just genital-centric. In these instances I find I get no hangover at all, or only a few of the symptoms - generally lowering of libido like my body needs to get some deep rest following the intensity of the experience.

If I ejaculate without taking care to raise the energy, in other words just letting it go from 0 to 10 for the simple pleasure of having an ejaculation then I tend to experience the full hangover symptoms - loss of energy, loss of connection, low libido, moody, cranky, lethargic.

I am not sure why there should be such a difference but hypothesize that there is a mind-body-spirit element that kicks in and produces an altered physiological response in reaction to the energy and intention one brings. To take that hypothesis one step further could it be that it is not orgasm per se that brings on the hangover but rather the specific, localised physiological response to am exclusively genital-focussed climax?

I have read some texts that explain the difference between the two as one being a release where the energy explodes internally (implosive) and the other being where the energy is released at orgasm externally - ie the energy leaves the body at climax.

Sorry for waffling on, but this has really been intriguing me for some months. Perhaps someone has come across some research in that area, or has a similar (dissimilar is good too!) experience to share?

I have had the same partner

I have had the same partner throughout but have only recently began to share this with her. My journey started about 3 years ago, prompted in part by this forum and the CPA book. The initial impetus was driven by me wanting to address issues around premature ejaculation as well as a nagging feeling that there should be more to our lovemaking than I was experiencing.
it was only around 4 months ago when I had my first multi-orgasmic experience and shared this with my wife around 2 months ago once I became a bit more sure-footed with these new experiences. My wife was initially unimpressed, fearing that I would now saw away for ages but is now quite enthused.
I am taking things slowly with her but hope to impart the knowledge I have built up so she too can begin to experience the joy of reducing stimulation and increasing sensitivity.

Interestingly, I wouldn't say

Interestingly, I wouldn't say the PE has cleared up but it has ceased to be an issue and is on a trajectory to becoming a non-issue.
To explain, if I were to do things in the same way I used to I would today get the same result - increasing arousal via stimulation to the point of ejaculation in too short a time with the orgasm being nice but not too intense - a 3 second sneeze type response.
Instead I now take things far more slowly and mindfully. This allows me to track my arousal as well as other bodily sensations and feelings and to either back away from the edge or to go over the edge but at a lower level. It is kind of like relaxing into and moving through that point rather than trying to avoid it or keep it at bay. Eventually that edge at a lower level becomes more sensational and pleasurable than the previous point of orgasm.
This has turned my PE into somewhat of a blessing as one of the drivers of my PE is sensitivity in the genitals and a very steep arousal curve, Changing the way I view and manage this has been great as I now consider myself blessed to be able to get to the edge and play around in it pretty quickly.
I have and occasionally still do use forceful techniques to avoid ejaculation but these are a bit hit and miss for me and if I get to the point where I have to use that then I have gone too close to the edge too quickly. I do, however, use forceful techniques to push the energy up - contract the PC muscle and abdomen in coordination with the breath, Similar to the Taoist Big Draw but much more gentle.

One point I forgot to mention

One point I forgot to mention in my original comment is the fact that orgasm and ejaculation are two separate and distinctly different physiological processes. It just so happens that in the main they occur within milli-seconds of each other. Perhaps that is key to understanding and eventually managing the neurochemical balance within the body.

Thanks for your comments

Thanks for your comments Vegaltone. I would love to share. Everyone is different and what works for me may not be everyone's path but I would be delighted by the thought that someone may take one tiny nugget away that moves them forward on their journey. I will post a blog entry in the next few days. Thanks for reading thus far - I really love this stuff and find it absolutely life transforming.

Thanks, slowloader!

Most intriguing and appealing, your practice and results. I look forward to learning more. My wife only participates in Karezza passively. So, your ability to circulate energy by yourself (or, move it up by yourself) — and its benefits such as reliable, powerful valley orgasm — sound most enticing. And, getting away from ‘saw(wing) away for ages’ would probably make things more enjoyable — or at least more tolerable — for my wife. I eagerly anticipate your upcoming post!