Blue Balls testicle swelling

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I have read the rest of post about blue balls but I haven't succed.

I have tried soft intercourse but the result is always blue balls. If not eyaculating is normal it shoudn't generate pain.
I am suffering testicle swelling and I don't know what to do. I thought that perhaps you could help me.

I meditate during the week and I am relaxed without problems.

And the problems come over the weekend with a girlfriend who comes to visit
me at my house. We are practicing karezza as you comment in your book.

And one thing happens to me:
sometimes she warms me by kissing me
and touching my penis but not ending up in bed, the stimulationwasn't more than 5 minutes.

Then I suffer blue balls.

During long love making without eyaculate also happens the same.

Thanks you a lot for reading me.

I will appreciate your suggestions.

I have tried frozen water and waiting but the result is always the same.


The trouble is

You are unconsciously tightening your PC muscle group.

What you want to do instead is direct your focus on your perineal area. The area of your scrotum. Just direct your attention there and relax. When you are having intercousre continue directing your attention there. 

This will also open up a lot more pleasure. And you will not have blue balls afterwards.

I would suggest deep

I would suggest deep breathing from the solar plexus while doing this and imagining as you breathe in the breath is like a pulse that starts at the solar plexus and spreads to your whole body, then back out

There is research saying

prostatic fluid is reabsorbed into the body if not released via ejaculation. Anything useful here?

Asier, if your body is fighting you this hard, just return to conventional sex for now. You can always experiment later if you choose to.

I remember when I stopped

I remember when I stopped ejaculating, my prostate felt really hard and stiff after a few weeks. When I ejaculated, my prostate felt immensely relieved. From my experience, it seems that this draining of fluid from the prostate is very slow, if it occurs.

It’s the same really

The PC muscle and you don’t have to think about “doing it wrong,” just focus on that area as best you can, keep refocusing on it when you forget, and it will make a huge difference in pleasure levels and also will stop the blue balls.

Tingling T'aint

Ina May Gaskin in Spiritual Midwifery introduced us to the term t'aint...the perineum t'aint pussy, t'aint asshole. When I feel that first tingling at the base of my cock, under the t'aint is a clear message to STOP the stimulation and focus on my breathing and love of my partner. I may even lose my worries it'll probably come back....or not. It doesn't matter. Love is the matter. No BB's.

Cold Rag Treatment

No no no, the only way to solve this condition is to use cold wet rags and "cool" down your genitals. The pain is from the capillaries that are swelling. It's not the testicles. If you cool down the area immediately after intercourse, the hydrotherapy treatment will "heal" that problem once and for all. It may take a month or two of using this method. But eventually the blood will flow better from your tissues. Also, adding some cayenne tincture or powder to your food will help the overall circulation of your body.