Don Miguel Ruiz

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Just finished The Mastery of Love. This guy put me off at first but it's a quick read and there are some real gems to be found. I have trouble with Ruiz's writing style, "It is like this....You are like that....". He claims the Toltec tradition but he sure sounds some kind of Christian to I didn't really get hooked until chapter 9 "The Divine Huntress" (Artemis & Hercules...gimme that old time religion....) and followed by "Seeing With the Eyes of Love" and "Healing the Emotional Body" knocked my socks off. I recommend start with those 3 chapters and read more if you need to.

So I thought I might define my spiritual path at this point. I told my wife:
When you look at me
You will see the face of one who sees the divinity in you.


Well, I guess Oprah

can't be wrong after all.:-) Isn't that an author she recommends?

The goal of the practice of karezza *is* to allow us to see each other's divinity. This may prove more powerful than seeing the divinity in a guru or other spiritual master, because when we see the divinity in a peer, it is a reminder of our own divinity. When we see it in a spiritual master...we tend to assume that person has something we don't.

I'm Amazed

at what's happening to me. To think it all started with the simple idea of giving up the quest for orgasm.
You all have been so helpful
Much love