The Golden Tree - Awakening the heart with a mate

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Larry's Golden Tree

The ch'ung mo, or thrusting channel rises from the base of the penis, goes up between the tu mo and jen mo channels and ends in the heart.—from "Taoist Yoga" by Charles Luk

Charles further states that the heart center "is located at the top of the central 'Thrusting Channel', and is identified with the heart and the 'House of Fire'. It is the counterpole of the Lower Tan Tien or 'House of Water', and the yogi is advised to shuttle the chi between these two centres, but not going above or below them." See

The exact location of this opening into the thrusting channel is: "CV1 • Hui Yin • Conception Vessel 1 Meeting of Yin. Meeting Point on the Conception Vessel with the Governing and Penetrating Vessels." See

The above quotes establish the idea that there is an energy channel between the perineum and heart center. To do the work of awakening this channel, the meditator must first develop sensitivity to subtle energy, then use that awareness to gain conscious control over the movement of that energy. After you gain control, you learn to let go and see what occurs without control. The real progress is made after you loosen your hold on your perception of reality and drift.

For those who are yet struggling to see and feel what is going on inside their bodies, I have prepared a short guided meditation designed to help them draw energy up this channel to the heart:

Imagine a little golden ball, a ball of sunshine, positioned in the center on your perineum, closer to the anus. Before you start to play with it, just look at it. Imagine that this ball is filled with a beautiful golden liquid, a gel-like liquid. It's very warm. Not hot, but just the right temperature, like perfectly warmed honey. See the ball become luminous, a glowing orb of awareness.

Imagine a river of golden light flowing upward into your chest, then allow the ball of light to move along this river and rest in your heart center. It helps to use your breath to draw the energy upward. So does directing the energy upward with your eyes.

Larry's Golden Tree
Repeat this over and over. What do you feel? I mean, really focus on what is going on in your body. What is this river of light entering and bathing your heart center doing to you?

Here is a quote comparing the design of the Great Pyramid of Giza to the human body:

Ra: You are correct in your assumption that the crystallized healer is analogous to the pyramidal action of the King’s Chamber position. There are a few adjustments we might suggest.

Firstly, the energy which is used is brought into the field complex of the healer by the outstretched hand used in a polarized sense. However, this energy circulates through the various points of energy to the base of the spine and, to a certain extent, the feet, thus coming through the main energy centers of the healer spiraling through the feet, turning at the red energy center towards a spiral at the yellow energy center and passing through the green energy center in a microcosm of the King’s Chamber energy configuration of prana; this then continuing for the third spiral through the blue energy center and being sent therefrom through the gateway back to intelligent infinity.—from

Great Pyramid

In the Great Pyramid, there are two chambers, both of which are traversed by the green light of the heart center, according to the Law of One. The work must be done in the green light chamber because the place which indigo light spirals upward is solid rock—there is no upper room where one might sit to illuminate the upper chakras. The same is true of the human body. All conscious work must be done from the heart center.

My definition of a mystic experience is that we do something, such as this guided meditation, and then the Creator adds something to it which can't be explained. In this case, as you move your energy up to the heart center and rest with a quiet mind, you may sense your energy involuntarily move upward into the upper chakras, into many golden branches, filling your aura as well as the upper body.

Just as the pyramid only allows you to sit in the green light, the thrusting channel also ends at the heart. You draw your energy to that point and allow the intelligence of your body to move the energy up from there. It is true that you can draw the energy above the heart with the control of the mind, but if you do so, you will be missing the mystic experience. Allowing the energy to move upward into the upper regions of your aura on its own will encourage your paranormal abilities to awaken. This opens the heart and leads you through the gateway into 'intelligent infinity'. You will begin to feel the Creator as a non-polarized being. In time, you see this being as your own Higher Self. Your upper chakras awaken, including your crown.

From a Hindu point of view, your chakras will all light up with their full colors at first, then turn a brilliant white accompanied by white light radiating from your body in all directions.

In Kabbalah, the Anahata Chakra or heart center of Hinduism corresponds to Tifaret, located in the very center of the Tree, on the central pillar between Yesod and Daat. Awakening your chakras in this way is synonymous with entering Tifaret.

The Alchemist calls this step the White Stone. It is where you receive the white body and a new name. It is said that, as you reach this step, all time will blend with the present; all places will merge into one place; all people will seem to be just one soul; male and female will cease to be distinctly separate. The illusion of separation will fade from your world. You will realize the Oneness of all things.

I know this from personal experience because I reached this state via another type of energy work. I asked how I could explain the awakening I had experienced in a simple way that others could duplicate. I received a vision of this Golden Tree. It was like a movie; the upper branches came to life once the heart filled with light.

To awaken the feelings of the heart, to become sensitive to the tremendous storehouse of potential within the heart center, is the first goal. This is what the river of light is supposed to do, in part.

What does it feel like to fill the heart with light or love? The Siddha call it the "melting heart." The Taoists say the heart opens like a flower. Love in the heart feels like intense adoration to the point of a heaviness in the chest.

To awaken your sensitivity to this energy, hug your mate and pay attention to what you are feeling. Hug naked and focus on the sensations in your chest. What do you feel? You will discover an energy flow opening up between your heart centers, moving right through your chests.

Also, sit facing each other, without touching, and look into each other's eyes. Hug each other with the eyes only. Learn to create the same melting heart sensation that you get from hugging by mental work only, using only eye-to-eye contact.

Try just holding hands. Pay attention to what this does to your heart. Now, let go of his/her hand and observe what changes this produces in your heart center.

You can also sit in meditation and envision God/Goddess standing before you. Draw that personage into a loving hug. Then draw that being of light into your temple-body and fill your heart with His/Her light. Now, turn your awareness outward and give All of Creation a loving hug. This is an old Hindu meditation and it will teach you what the melting heart feels like as you awaken your heart.

In time, as you use these various methods of concentrating your mind on the heart center, you learn to recognize the melting heart sensation. As you mentally energize your perineum, draw the river of light upward and fill your heart center, you will become aware of the melting heart—if you are quiet. And if you are patient, with no expectation and a quiet mind, you will feel or see your energy spring upward out of your heart into many golden branches of an inner-world tree, filling the space of your upper aura and energizing your upper chakras. The branches of this golden tree cannot be explored by control of the mind over energy movement. They are part of a spontaneous explosion of light that occurs as you draw energy up the thrusting channel into the heart center and then let go of control and allow the Creator to add the mystical part—the part you can't do for yourself.

Now that you can draw energy up the thrusting channel, know what the melting heart feels like, and perhaps witness the branches of the tree light up as well, there is a powerful way to experience this which is even more effective. This method requires no inner sight or energy control skills. Simply have intercourse with your mate in stillness.

Intercourse in stillness will draw your sex energy up the thrusting channel to the heart. Stillness is the key. Movement either leads to a normal sexual experience or, if you have the training, into multiple emotional orgasms. Stillness during intercourse will allow the energy to migrate up the thrusting channel as it was meant to occur.

From an energy point of view, practicing Sacred Sex with a long-term mate is more effective than with a new partner. Energy connections need to be established. From an emotional point of view, true love empowers the experience. The reverse is also true—Sacred Sex creates bonds between you and your mate and draws you into a relationship based on heart energy.

There seems to be one more requirement to awaken this energy within. That is to avoid the normal sexual orgasm. In fact, you will also need to forgo the even-more-tempting multiple emotional orgasms if you what to awaken this golden tree.

So, ask yourself, "What is my deepest desire? How badly do I want to awaken my chakras?" As a help, you will discover immediately that this act of intercourse in stillness, or the meditation in which you draw energy up your thrusting channel, will dampen your sex drive. This isn't saying you will become celibate. On the contrary, you may find yourself in bed with your mate more often than before. This new sensation of sharing energy through your chests and being filled with the God-feeling will become more delicious to you than the old routine of sexual arousal and orgasms.

Note for those addicted to pornography or masturbation: You are likely to find that drawing your sex energy up the thrusting channel to the heart repeatedly will balance your energies and temporarily remove your sexual urges. Over time, this brings balance back into your life.

I will suggest that you hug your mate in stillness, front-to-front, and naked but not in intercourse, for at least ten minutes. Then copulate and lie in complete stillness for another twenty minutes. Longer times are certainly encouraged. It will take a period of two weeks of not experiencing either normal sexual orgasms or multiple emotional orgasms before the gateway into the Light becomes possible.

Avoid mixing this experience with regular sex. Be still and simply observe what your energy is doing. Do you feel your sex energy moving up the thrusting channel? Do you feel the melting heart? If you do, then be patient, and perhaps soon you will also feel the Joy and Light of the Creator fill you.

The feeling of joy indicates that your energy has awakened your eye chakra, a gateway allowing you to feel the Divine in a non-duality world. At first, the feelings of joy may be only fleeting glimpses of the Divine Presence, but with the daily practice of Sacred Sex, of hugging and then intercourse in stillness, you will begin to not only feel this joy during Sacred Sex but all through the day. Everyone one you meet will become a conduit into the Light for you. Love and Joy will fill your world.

This is my experience. Feel free to comment. In this way, I can explain in detail the parts which I may still be obscure.

Thanks, Larry

I'm amazed at how consistent this suggestion is with the whole karezza approach, in which you move your focus to the heart through generous contact (and bonding behaviors that soothe your nervous systems), and nothing...and let the energy subtly help brighten and balance both partners.

golden tree meditation

Wow. This works. I have been taking your advice and have decided to cease witht the tantra-type masturbation with no orgasm. It is too frustrating and "calls up" that sexual energy causing insanity! I guees I'm just not good at it, I can't seem to "clear" it out when done. It's also probably bad for the prostate, it is mildly painful. I will perhaps every week or so "split the difference." However, this meditation puts "space" between me and the lust, a peaceful energy. It works wonders and I feel full and can even be tempted but watch myself from the outside saying "that's nice but we have other things to do." Maybe I should try the Golden Tree as long as I can until I have a steady goddess. Hmmm...

Two Trees

Here is a thought or two on this Golden Tree meditation:

There's an idea about the Genesis story, where it says that Eden is guarded by an angel with a fiery sword... and only he or she who is without fear, can pass under that sword into Eden. Now, what people don't realize, is if you're afraid of the Devil, then you're not going to be able to get into Eden. You have to be in a position of Unconditional Love, of loving even that aspect of yourself, to truly make that Ascension.---Mystress Angelique Serpent

How do you get past the flaming sword? By hugging it.

There are two trees in the Garden of Eden, the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life. My teacher, John, taught me that there are two Kabbalah Trees of Life, an inner tree seen as an elm, and an outer tree seen as an oak. They are the same two trees we find in the garden story. The inner tree represents your journey through the world of opposites, of light and darkness, health and sickness, pleasure and pain. The only way back into the garden is to work your way through the lone and dreary wilderness, which is the many barriers you yourself have cast up between you and the presence of God. This wilderness is also described as a nothingness or void.

But, when you "find the void which is not empty" (Charles Luk), and "hear the sound of one hand clapping" (Osho), you are beginning to break through the wilderness into the Light. Hugging the sword which guards the way back into the garden might also be thought of as the Sacred Embrace. A ritualistic hug of the Mason's called the Five Points of Fellowship represents being raised from a dead level to a living perpendicular, becoming awakened and entering the Lord's Presence.

There are many ways to view this mystical hug. Sacred Sex gives one interpretation, that of hugging in stillness and allowing the couple's energies to exchange. It is the linking or merging of the heart and navel energy centers which causes a person to become androgynous (Charles Luk). Hugging the sword and successfully passing back into the garden is waking the White Body, or lesser stone, the white stone of alchemy.

I have set the stage for my thought. The Golden Tree meditation wakes up the upper part of your aura and chakra system by casting your energy into the outer Tree of Life, but not just any energy will do. It must be deep-felt love which you cast upward. The Golden Tree meditation takes your sex energy, which we all have in abundance, and transforms it into the higher vibration of love. From there, if you are quiet and devoid of expectations, the energy will move into the outer Kabbalah Tree of Life allowing you to partake of the fruit thereof freely. This is waking the Golden Body of legend, or the yellow stone of alchemy.


I've really been enjoying this heart meditation, too. It feels really right to draw the energy into the heart and let it radiate upward and outward. It's a nice balance between intention and effortlessness.