♥ relaxation sex rather than excitement sex

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Tried the first time to just relax into intercourse. Just forget my erection, who cares, sick of worrying about all that, let things happen as they are supposed to. Trust the penis, as I said in another blog entry.

Trust that it knows what to do. How delightful.

I can't say it was any different so far, but it was more relaxing. I felt kind of like snuggling but I had an erection at the same time. It was a lot better than snuggling, I'm not comparing the two, but I had that relaxing feeling of closeness while also having intercourse.

So in many ways it was quite different.

I can see this is a skill to acquire that takes some time. It is like not doing a lot of thrusting, but it's even harder. It's completely different. I was always relying upon excitement to get an erection, and kind of edging in a low key way with my previous experiments with non-orgasmic sex.

Now, with total relaxation, I am just letting go of all of that and it is delicious but also difficult to really trust and let go. But the first adventure went well.

Also later tried scissors for the first time. It is very relaxing and is a great way to start lovemaking I think. Will have to work on that :)

Sparkles was pre-occupied and I could tell. The penis feels it.

So we ended this experiment so we could get up and get about our business (having a big get-together tomorrow so have to get the house ready.)