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This would be Sparkle's day 15 post-O and good things happened for whatever reason.

I am more and more a believer in the passion cycle, at least for my wife. I've kept a detailed journal and although it is early days, I can see something to this for sure.

So anyway, she was in charge today. Up to her to initiate or not initiate. We are at the moment taking turns day by day.

She said she was much more comfortable today. I didn't pressure her today.

I felt a lot better too. I didn't feel as needy at all. I knew I was going to get something at some point, or not, and had no control over it. So I moved on mentally to other things.

I will say that as I saw her mood was good I thought, this is going to be fun. And I started to anticipate an evening of good things, hopefully intercourse, but whatever it would be fun.

But it exceeded my expectations at that point.

Her mood was quite good today. After dinner and some phone calls she initiated a cuddling session and lots of kissing led her to invite me inside. We spent some delightful time, very sweet and wonderful.

She had wanted to orgasm but refrained as part of our experiment here. I didn't ask her not to (I have learned my lesson there) but she said she was avoiding orgasm.

She said she didn't feel any different than "the old way", e.g. fertilization type sex. She is trying to see if she feels different at all, either about sensations or about me. She said so far she doesn't.

But I felt much more connected. She said she was really trying to be present and aware and I could tell the difference. I would say this was in a way the first time I had intercourse with her that I could feel her really being there.

It was a great feeling for me to feel so connected.

I could feel the transition afterwards as her mind wandered to what we're going to do this weekend, should we let the dog out, etc.

So this morning, as I write this, it is very early. Nobody's up. And I awakened thinking about the things we were going to do since today is my day to be in charge, and I got quite aroused. I had to think of Merry Olde England and such because I felt close to an orgasm just thinking.

I'm sure we'll get the hang of this and it will get better and better. This was pretty wonderful to me, and I think fun for her. A good start.

Edited to add: we agreed to make it "her week" this week rather than "her day". We'll alternate week by week, per Sood's suggestion, as she thought that was a lot better. I think she's scared of "my week" and what that will be like. The dynamic here is very interesting, to say the least.



Very good observations. It is

Very good observations. It is great to read your experiences with karezza. I am studying both sex with and without orgasm.

My wife and I had mid-morning sex yesterday (her day off work. We went for many orgasms, her about 6 and me 3 big ones. I am curious to watch what effect the O's had on her the next week to 10 days. I felt totally lethargic for about 3 hours, and very foggy the rest of the day, started to feel very energetic about 11:00 in the evening. Definitely noticed an immediate chaser, if she had been ready I could have gone several more times in the evening.

I really appreciate reading your experiences going the no O route, as I keep seeing more merit to this approach.

look out for effects day 11, 12, 13 and 14

after orgasm, fcjl8. I think I've identified a pattern with my wife and her moodiness that has persisted from when we first met. Could it be orgasms that were causing that all this time?

As I've said many times, I couldn't have imagined these feelings that I have for my wife and for life in general, before. It was quitting orgasms and spending the time on bonding behaviors that really changed my life. I hope you decide to try it but you need to do so for awhile, not just a week.

Anyway, you write that you "are studying both sex with and without orgasm", and I'm sure the studies are going well!

Glad to hear it

I'm glad you're enjoying your experiment.

Yeah, her "passion cycle" sounds like mine. Gary's is a bit different. He notices more in the first 7 days, and mostly just brain fog and some reactivity.