51 Days in PMO Reboot, Some Success!

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Hi everyone,

As a bit of a background story I am a 23 year old male that has been frequently masturbating to porn since I was 14. Everything was fine until a couple of years ago in which I increased the frequency that I masturbated to porn. I started to notice some significant erectile dysfunction problems. I could get hard after some time, but the erection would still be fairly weak (both alone and with a partner). The few times I have tried having sex with a partner since then ended up in failure for the most part. I would either not get hard enough, or, if I did, I would cum within a minute of sex.

So, I found the yourbrainonporn site and suspected porn was the issue. A year ago I tried a reboot for a month without much success. Afterwords, I still abstained from porn, but I did masturbate to fantasy almost daily. 51 days ago I decided to try a reboot again. Throughout the reboot I have been fairly horny, however, I didn't notice much change until a week ago. I've started to get more morning erections (half strength often, but occasionally pretty hard), and if I stroke myself without fantasy I can get a pretty solid erection!

This is so exciting for me, as I had major doubts about whether a pmo reboot actually helps for ED, especially since most people complaining of a porn-induced issue seem to have delayed ejaculation, and not premature ejaculation like myself. I plan to continue the reboot until I total at least 9 weeks. I'm still looking to see if my morning erections improve even more. Also, my ability to induce an erection without fantasy standing up is not as easy as when I'm lying down, so hopefully that will improve as well.

Does anyone have a good way of knowing when my reboot will be complete and how much longer I should go for? (I read the YBOP page about it) Also, does anyone have experience with premature ejaculation and porn-induced ED, and how I might improve the time it takes me to cum after my reboot?

Thanks everyone

not sure there is any real difference

between premature or delayed ejaculation. Or erectile dysfunction. They are all very similar. Once you reboot the key in my opinion is not to put pressure on yourself when you do go to bed with a woman. Set it up so there is no pressure. And then just do what is pleasurable and take things quite slowly before you jump to intercourse. Relaxation is the key to eliminating all performance problems when you go to bed with a woman. And the key to relaxing is not trying to reach an objective or goal.

Us guys are very goal oriented and that's good in most things. But when it comes to being with a woman sexually it does not serve us all that well.

What's wonderful about this opportunity (even though it feels horrible and not wonderful) is that it is a chance to re-examine our sex lives and make our present and future much much better. We do that by relaxing about it all and letting life just flow and happen, and being aware of our bodies and relaxed in the moment. It may sound like doublespeak but it really isn't.

And what happens when you are by yourself and with a partner are entirely different things. That's one of the issues with testing your erection when you are by yourself. It just doesn't mean a whole lot. 

Keep up your reboot. This process does work. Any prospects for women to snuggle with?