Age 33; day 37 Quick update

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I thought I had better jump on and do a quick update because I didn't do one yesterday. I'm still going strong. 37 days PMO free. I have definitely leveled off the last few days cravings wise. It almost feels like a flatline, but not in a bad way. My mood is better, and I feel like I have had a more positive outlook on life. I still have a strong desire to socialize, but I'm more at peace with just getting my work done and muscling through the next couple of weeks. (I have a ton of deadlines approaching). My balls don't feel like they are going to explode any more, so that helps a lot. Plus, I think I'm getting better at controlling my fantasies. I noticed yesterday that I was starting to fantasize, and I actually recognized the little rush it was giving me. It felt a lot like the same feeling of watching porn. I can definitely see how fantasy is my brain's attempt to use access that porn pathway. Overall, I'm feeling pretty good. I think I'm starting to notice an improvement in ability to focus too, which is very timely. I think the first month of the battle against the PMO beast has been rough, but necessary. I don't feel that I am out of the woods by any means, but I do feel like I'm getting a better handle on the problem. I think the exercise the other day helped a lot too. I would like to get out and do that again when I have a chance.

So, overall, I guess I would rank myself as around a 6 or maybe even a 7 out of 10 today. I'm feeling good, but I'm expecting another crash at some point. Positive changes continue to develop,though, so I continue to be optimistic. I think I may also be starting to make some connections between my behavior and my emotional state too. I'll blog more on that later if when I have time and if I my experience is worth noting.

Good luck gentlemen! Keep fighting! May your blades never dull! As you were! ha ha.


37 days is an awesome stretch

37 days is an awesome stretch and great awareness about upcoming down moods. just remember the good times and the improvements and keep those as goals in your mind to get you through.

keep that exercise going too!

stay strong!