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Failed after 35 days this time. I was almost to embarrassed to blog about it. Fortunately this time I did not binge. 1 and done. It wasn't nearly as exciting as I remembered. Time to reset the counter. I will check back in a week.

Edit: I'd like to note that this time I have no excuse or trigger. I didn't get drunk or seduced by a hot woman in the gym/school or graphic commercial/ad. I consciously knew what I was doing and F'd up. Ideas popped in my head like... "Just 1 time" or "What is the worst that can happen". It is as if I momentarily get possessed by the Porn and make 1 stupid decision that I will instantly regret. I have gone over 30 days a few times now and over 100 once. You would think after 1 year of battling PMO I would have it figured out.

This battle reminds me a quote from a old coworker regarding his drug abuse.

" I quit a 100 times, I only stopped once. "


Look...if you didn't

binge you're doing well. Next time...don't use porn. Get out the lotion and "train" for sex with sensual strokes. Sooner or later you have to find a sweetie...or a balance.

*big hug*