Any one else into domestic disciple / spanking

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Hi, I'm Gary and I've been practising Kareeza with my wife of 12 years. Before we were introduced to Kareeza, we practise a lot of spanking & light BDSM. The problem is now when we have switched to Kareeza love making, I find it hard to practise spanking in our relationship... which my wife craves of course.

For example, after 20 mins of a hand spanking session on her bum, my wife gets a little squirmy. Then, when I try to make love to my wife in Kareeza style, she orgams too fasts. Hence, does anybody has an idea on how to turn down the heat after spanking so my wife doesn't cum too fast so we can make love longer.

Does anybody else in here practises Kareeza & spanking together ? Pls let me know your thoughts on this.


not anymore

used to, not anymore. Karezza has totally removed the interest in that for both of us. Are you two doing Karezza? How long have you been doing it? If your wife is having orgasms then that accounts for the interest in spanking, dopamine seeking stuff.

In my experience the desire for spanking etc. dies to nothing after awhile when you remove the dopamine orgasm part of it. It is very much like porn in this way. There is withdrawal that has to go on and cuddling and bonding and Karezza replaces the desire to engage in spanking.

Spanking is a completely different "reward"

People absolutely can get hooked on "edgy" feelings and anticipation of thrills/pain...because of the rush of neurochemicals they supply.

Karezza provides a very different cocktail of rewarding neurochemicals and feelings. But at first she may feel like "something is missing" if she gives up the buzz from spanking. My guess is that in about two months of abstaining from her past buzz, regular sex will seem more satisfying, and she won't feel like something's missing. But who knows?

It's really up to the two of you where you want to go in the bedroom. I just mention the above in case you want to transition.