Any youthful karezzanauts out there

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in a relationship? A UK journalist contacted me about pitching a piece on the subject. She'd like to talk with a couple under 35 who have played with the ideas. I'm assuming real names would not be required, but have asked her about that.

It's fine that you're not consistent with the ideas. Candor and humor make for more interesting reading. (And you should have seen my early "crashes.")

Please let me know if you are interested.

Good luck

I'm 15, started out on nofap, and have decided to do this in any relationships I may have. If the girl is not down, I will simply not orgasm. Of course I can not do this, but good luck to finding a good interview :)

Welcome Trefex!

How did you get interested in such a thing at your age? That's pretty amazing.

Just to let you know....It's a lot easier with the cooperation of a partner, and partners sometimes have their own ideas. Wink