Bent penis and ED

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I am a 22 year old male. I have been masturbating since 14 years of age. I used to masturbate as per my position convenience that was pressing my shaft to the left side and massaging it. I discovered the proper way of masturbating later. Now my penis has a left ward bent. I masturbate pretty often. Can you please suggest ways to reduce this bend? It has created a problem in the intercourse too.

as a young adolescent

I was so worried that my penis was bent.

I didn't want to discuss it with anyone and felt that I was sexually doomed.

I started "dressing left" because it wanted to go right. That actually helped but what I found out later is that it doesn't matter. Only very extreme cases are a problem. Normally going to the right or left is no problem. 

Don't know your situation obviously but thought I'd share my adolescent trauma with a similar issue.

I do think the greater issue is your masturbation habits. That can be a real issue because it has resulted in much less sensitivity to "real" partner sex. Have you had partner sex? Are things okay when you do?

My husband has Peyronies


Just found your site after a few friends recommended it to me. My husband of 21 years has had peyronies for almost 15 of those years. He's had a few ops and various other treatments to correct his bent penis, but the natural bend always returns. He discovered a website on Google last year which talks at length about peyronies and other conditions.

He started a course of penis stretching exercises which help to reduce the build up of scar formation while helping to straighten the shaft of his once previously bent penis. It's taken quite a few months, but I'm pleased to say he now has a straight penis. Also, another curious benefit from perfroming these exercises daily has been a permanent end to his partial erectile dysfunction. It was never that serious, but he wakes up every morning feeling like he used to when he was younger, so its been a big bonus to our sex lives.

Thanks and take care
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