bonding with long distance partner?

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obviously there is the major limitation of having a long distance partner, but are there ways you can improve the bond verbally or in a written form?

I am in a long-distance relationship

You can use terms of endearment and dream together - what you will do when you meet or what you have done in the past (funny things, romantic things...). I think imagination is the key...describe things as detailed as you can and the time with your partner will be "more real".
Also give some compliments from time to time. Show your appreciation. sweet (but honest, by the way). Smile

What you can also do: Do things simultaneously - like...let´s drink a cup of coffee or let´s have a shower or...let´s watch that movie...

While I've not experienced it

While I've not experienced it directly, I've been told that doing things simultaneously can become emotionally tiring. My sense is one has to be mindful about how one goes about it. In some cases, this may highlight the distance more than it bridges the intimacy divide.

I've bonded long distance

and it was more about writing old-fashioned back and forth letters (except via e-mail) sharing stuff about our day, asking about his day, being vulnerable and open, being supportive about his vulnerabilities, really listening and responding deeply to what he said in his letters.

After we got together

physically and started having sex.... then we started seeing each other differently and it was more like, "bond? What bond? What were we thinking?"

Had we done Karezza rather than conventional sex it may have been different.


Exchanging of sweet nothings, being concerned with how your partner's day went, telling him what you feel, talking about the long-term plans you share as a couple, perhaps quoting some songs, poems or stories, etc. will make a difference. It may be cheesy, yes, but these are just a few things to romanticize your partner who's away from you. Be sure that when you talk to him there are no distractions (or a sweet music could be played in the background) so he could really hear the sincerity of your words. Also, the frequency is a huge factor so be sure that you regularly communicate with whatever method you're using.