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Hi everyone,

i won't give you much information about my experiences with porn or escalation and whatnot, but it is safe to say that i started by being a normal boy till the point that i did not understand what the hell was going on with me...In my later stages the only thing that was keeping me from breaking free of this addiction was the constant guilt and shame that only one porn session would have given me. It tricks your brain into thinking that is what you should be doing, when really after you're done playing you realise you just did a stupid mistake. For a long time i started asking myself if you know how you feel after, than why can you not stop it before ? The problem with knowing what is coming after is that it is not in itself enough motivating to stop you from PMO or whatever everyone is doing.
I used another approach and for me up this far it has worked very well... since i am a very sensitive person my brain can emulate emotions and i can to some extent experience emotions that i haven't yet... so i thought why not try to experience how you will feel after all of this is over and your usual old self is coming back? I think everyone can do this and instead on focusing on the addiction and trying to stay away from it, i found that thinking about it in a very far distant future perspective is way more helpful..
Ill have to mention that my addiction was pretty severe as i started from normal porn to change completely in few year to gay porn, me being the bottom. The fact that this addiction just puts a veil over your eyes and you seem to see everything in such a blurry depressing way made me want to change.
Just think of yourself that until now you have been the one to guide your life, and for me and many others it has brought us to this shit place. However, when you give up that control or at least aknowledge that it doesn't always have to be you controlling everything, you will find perhaps that its gonna be easier to tackle this issue.

I hope this helps someone but if it doesn't it still feels great to talk Lol

Sorry for what you've been through

It's surprisingly common today among people who start out on high-speed porn. It's just so mesmerizing that it actually can numb the brain's response to pleasure enough to drive you to the next hottest thing...until you end up just about anywhere. Did you read this? Can You Trust Your Johnson? | Your Brain On Porn

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