Can anyone explain why some people like getting beaten up by girls?

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This has never happened to me, but seeing it happen online or even just reading about it gets me really aroused. Does anyone know if there is some psychological reason why some find this arousing? I tried to look it up on google but ran into a couple stories of girls beating up guys and became so aroused so I had to stop. Also, I am on day 5 of no orgasm, is the fact that I got intensely aroused by those couple stories bad for my recovery?


it's bad for your recovery. Anything stimulating like that isn't good. You want to avoid fantasy and stimulation.

As to *why* you find it arousing, well who knows. The why is just another story. The thing is, it doesn't mean a thing Smile It is stimulating because it's forbidden or taboo or whatever. Simply that.



My guess is that

humiliation triggers a lot of the same stress reactions as intense sexual arousal, much as anxiety-producing or shocking visuals do, so when you combine sexual arousal with emotions like that, you get a more intense experience.

Trouble is, the intensity then down regulates your sensitivity to pleasure for a you need more and more stimulation. And your tastes can continue to morph into more and more extreme material.

None of it makes "sense," because it's just a numbed brain looking for a neurochemical rush. The desire to analyze it is...just as you discovered...a trick by your brain to get another fix by thinking about the subject. Wink