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My wife and I have been practicing Karezza for approaching four years, now.

I just realized that, over the last month or so, that I have not been 'reaching for the edge.' For some reason, I have been quite satisfied staying at 'medium.' It may be that I only now have fully internalized that inadvertent ejaculation does take a bit out of me, and that I can be quite satisfied by staying clear of the edge. Or, it may be that my body has become more attuned to pleasure, and that I reach satisfying levels without having to move to the edge.

Yesterday afternoon's Karezza session was most gratifying and enjoyable. I am most appreciative of the sensations that I receive during Karezza. For me, it is heaven on earth.

I am most appreciative that my wife, who does not yet embrace Karezza, nonetheless participates in it with an accommodating attitude.

I am most grateful for Karezza, Marnia and Gary's work, and the community of supportive and insightful kindred spirits here.

medium or edge ?

Anyway, Karezza IS the heaven on earth.
But it is also important, imho, to experience also several outbreaks above the "middle".
So, the prostate, which produces all the messenger substances during a "session", will do its job better and better.

And even if you then jump over the edge maybe once or twice a week, there will be no fatigue after an orgasm.
As there are constantly all the substances produsing this "high" in your body.
So don´t forget to "jump" from time to time.

Enjoy !
karezza-lover since more than 60 years.

the prostate is much more than we thought

guys who have theirs removed suffer bigtime. I doubt many ever recover.

The prostate has a huge role and it isn't a simple as "prostatic fluid".

I have no idea all of what it produces, but I know that it is almost essential to happiness for a man. Men do recover somewhat without one but I doubt they live as long or as well as they would have.

One of the essentials us guys have to practice for Karezza is relaxing that whole area, the PC muscle and I think the prostate itself is happily stimulated without getting tightly wound up, and this probably increases its capacity to send out wonderful substances to our bodies over time. Just my theory.

Most of the research is done on CANCER so there is very little on this subject that I can find.


Prostate enigma

I've wondered on and off over the years what could have induced nature to create such a distinctive organ in such a strategic and vulnerable place if its sole function was making and expelling the carrier fluid for sperm. There always seemed to be more to the prostate then met the eye.

Practicing Karezza has brought me to the point where I often feel what I can only term 'pre-penile', mini convulsions, almost ejaculatory in nature, that seem to originate in the area of my prostate. These convulsions send out waves of pleasure from a deeper source than the penis, while remaining closely connected to it. They feel very healthy and 'emptying' in a way that reassures me I am not damaging my prostate by avoiding orgasm. Actually, they feel remarkably similar to orgasms, though far less intense. I can experience half a dozen or so over a half hour. They mostly occur during periods of relative stillness. They have no depleting effect whatsoever. In fact, the direct opposite seems to be the case.

That these feelings have anything to do with the prostate is speculation, of course, but it is why I was interested in knowing more of what karezza-lover had to say about 'messenger substances'.

That the prostate should be so succeptible to cancer it is barely mentioned other than in relation to morbidity suggests we may be unaware of some of its functions and so could be damaging it without knowing how or why.

Karezza and "the edge"

My wife and I definitely do not practice Diana Richardson-style tantra; instead, we are very active, to the point where one could argue we aren't doing Karezza at all. But I think we are. We don't orgasm anymore except for a rare accident. We experience all of the relationship benefits: increased harmony, better moods, ongoing sexual desire for one another. To me, my wife of > 20 years is the hottest thing around - no one else can compare.

We have been running hotter and hotter, but only because I think we have practiced to the point where we can enjoy that much excitement without ending the party. At first I thought it might be a kind of edging, but when I used to edge by masturbating, that was always in relation to a potential orgasm. What we do has little to no relation to an orgasm. I really don't even consider it. It's got me wondering if maybe orgasm just won't happen at all unless I think about it and try to make it happen.

Our daughter is at sleep-away camp so, with all the extra time and privacy, we've been having more frequent and longer sessions. In this case, where we are having sex 3 nights in a row, each with 2-3 sessions, it could be possible to feel some loss of sensation from overstimulation, even without orgasm happening. But even that hasn't happened so far.

Certainly the style of sex we have is very different from before Karezza. We start out much slower, take our time, enjoy all the sensations, vary the intensity, tempo, etc. It never gets boring. So in that sense, we are doing a "slower sex" than before, but it is by no means slow.

I guess that's my long-winded way of saying we are not content to hang at "middle", and we're still happily gaining benefits from Karezza.