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Hi, first time ive posted on here.. been recently looking more and more,

the only reason ive decided to quit masturbation is due to dark circles around my eyes, and mild acne.. purely physical reasons, and have no other issues mentally or with ED etc....

basically i have been 7 days currently and on the 8th. which is my record ever. my skin looks alot clearer and my eyes feel and look a lot better, albeit the circles are still there... my questions are these really:

first: how long will it take before my eyes clear up either completely, or more and more to a good level (if anyone else had this problem and has come out the other side)
secondly: is it ok to masturbate without ejaculation, or does that release the same chemicals and hormones (or a lesser amount but still the same) that caused these problems in the first place

note: i have been masturbating this week, but havent ejaculated, and have some improvement, but if i were to stop completely would i see more?

thanks for any feedback

welcome here

I am so glad you are here. Masturbating with ejaculation is often called edging, because it's of course getting to the edge without an ejaculation and it does seem to bring the same sorts of results as full on ejaculation or orgasm. So it is best avoided for you at the moment anyway.

My question is, what gave you the idea that masturbation contributes to or causes acne and dark circles under your eyes? I'm not saying it does or doesn't, just curious as to how you decided that it was contributing?



well the thing is i looked on the internet a while ago and found a few things about masturbation causing them.. i have also stopped myself masturbating for week periods once or twice and after 2-3 days noticed a difference (eyes less baggy and fairly lighter skin) then after the week i thought they hadnt improved again and fell back in to old habits, but this time im keen to stop for even longer and see the results.

i have been edging and noticing a difference to my face, so im not sure it does bring the same results. im not on about it bringing back an addiction and falling into bad habits because of edging, but what physical results would edging cause that are similar to masturbation? is it a danger to my improvement or just a risk of starting again

These are good questions

for this site...'cause it has thousands of young guys and I've seen them mention acne improvements. REDDIT.NoFap

I've heard this a lot here and elsewhere, but I don't know about the timing on the circles under your eyes. Sorry. The Redditors may.

Are you edging to porn? If so, you may want to check this out: What if I masturbate (edge) or watch porn without orgasm?

I'm also thinking a Chinese medicine expert might be able to answer your questions best.


There were a couple of posts on the dark circles, but no time to how long it would take for them to get more and more improvement, maybe its a personal thing.

i also noticed i had precum when i woke up this morning, does that count as ejaculation or is that just a good sign im back on the right track?

also i have read that about edging and my question is this, is the only reason its bad because it might lead back to full ejaculation, or does edging cause these health problems and such on its own? thanks

When in doubt...

just assume it's a sign of recovery. Wink

The real issue here is dopamine dysregulation, and recovering from it. If you watch Gary's series here, you'll understand that. http://yourbrainonporn.com/your-brain-on-porn-series

Since searching, edging, watching novel cyber "mates," and shocking/anxiety-producing images can all raise dopamine to supernormal levels, the particular combination isn't important.

That said, before highspeed, when endless searching/novelty/and more shocking stuff wasn't available at a click...men usually didn't get addicted to masturbation. They quit when they'd had enough and let their brains recover...instead of clicking to something new to override their normal satiation signals.

Different brains are adversely affected by different combinations. If your cravings escalate, or you experience any of these symptoms (Are You Hooked on Porn? Ask ASAM) your brain needs a time out from all supernormal stimulation, and maybe from masturbation itself for a while.


so that kind of clears up onr point.. i am on the road to recovery and i definitely think its helping my physical features...

And to my second point which u mentioned.. is it the dopamine that causes the physical problems? So edging does also contribute to it? And how do u stop that because surely the need to masturbate raises it whether u do it or not? Or is it as simple as stopping edging and masturbating and it will get better

Dopamine doesn't cause any problems

Dopamine doesn't cause problems. If you have an addiction, the addiction related brain changes cause problems. Some of these changes involve low dopamine, others involve high dopamine. You need to watch the videos to understand.

is it the dopamine that causes the physical problems? So edging does also contribute to it?

No one has ever conducted a study on the effects of so called "excess masturbation" or "edging". So we cannot answer this question. Except to say that the edging is more likley to cause addiction than simply orgasming. All animals ejaculate, yet no animals have ever edged. Edging keeps dopamine high for very long periods, which can more easily lead to addiction.