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Was thinking the other day about how the time and market are ripe for a documentary that doesn't just expose IP and the passion cycle for what it is, but instead offers a solution. "Cupid's Poisoned Arrow" could be a film version of the movie, intermixed with real-life accounts from actual couples who have experienced both sides of the coin. In the same way "The Secret" captured the minds on many abundance seekers, so too could a film about Karezza. Offering the contrarian view of bonding-based sexuality to the current day's dominant thought system of multiple-orgasm-any-way-you-can-get-it has both strong economic and social possibilities. With websites like Kickstarter it is easier than ever to find sources of funding, be it crowd or otherwise. Just wanted to throw it out there! Would love to be a part of something like that. I know how much the passion cycle and porn have robbed me of my own potential. It's time to offer a different reality to today's youth who do not know any different reality other than what the internet has taught them.