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hello guys i want to ask something...i am 19 years old..i stopped mastarbation/porn for 31 days...the 30st day i mastarbated without porn and i cummed extreme a lot in about 3-5 minutes ....i was dissapointed for 2 reasons...first i wanted the porn recovery cycle to be about 2 weeks more.and second i was worried i cummed that easy...after this event i was thinking wtf..i will not have a erection disfunction problem never again,but now my problem is premature ejucation?so i after 10 days i mastarbated again without porn but it took me about 5-6 minutes to cum...i am worried, i overcome one problem(not had erections with every girl but almost all) and now my problem is i cumm to easy? any advice?greetings from Creta(greece)..and thanks for your time

Here is what I wrote to his

Here is what I wrote to his reply on the other forum:

Don't be dissapointed! My guess is that this is your first attempt? then 31 days is excellent! Just pick up the pace and don't stare at the calender the entire day :).

I honestly don't think that 5-6 miutes is considered premature ejaculation. Yes you do become a whole lot more sensitive. But for me this was necessary, since I couldn't enjoy oral sex.

I would say: fuck more women :d. Keep in mind that there is a difference between the sensations of a vagina and your hand

But you'll be helped a lot, if you would sign up at and post your story there. A lot of the people there should be able to help you out.

okay the last part is self explanatory :d

masturbation has nothing much to do with real women and real sex

If you want to, you can get a book by Mantak Chia and practice solo cultivation, some exercises to use self touch to last longer and not cum at all, even have orgasms without ejaculation. But I wouldn't worry too much about it. You want to have real experiences with a real girl you care for and what happens there has nothing to do with what happens when you have your penis in your hand, by yourself. Completely different, my friend.

When you have sex,

Take it slowly and less vigorously. That should make control easier...and she is likely to feel more pleasure that way because she won't have to tense up her vagina to keep you from ramming her cervix.

Porn sex isn't like real sex...except in your fantasies. Smile