The Daily Mail had something on Cuddling

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Fine article, makes great sense, its focus on the beneficial aspects of cuddling.

Yep, I have to learn to stop kneading and groping my wife, as it puts a damper on our rate of cuddling.

How's it going, Emerson?

How's it going, Emerson?

I know we don't really have a relationship or anything and you probably don't remember me. Posted around here a few years ago (giving too much information about my own and someone else's sex life on the internet, I think I was very insecure at that time and kind of regret what I did) and you seemed to be and still seem to be a regular.

I've been picking up bits and pieces from you in some threads. Seems like your marriage is still an up and down thing, though it's calmed down a lot from what it seems to have been like in the beginning. You seem to be struggling a bit lately with losing control (or rather, you refuse to exercise conscious control at all. I personally am not sure if that's the correct attitude, though I also dislike how much tantra often forces it). Why do you think that is?

You still seem very focused on the whole sex and karezza thing. Have you asked yourself if putting such a strong focus on this part of the relationship is healthy? I still would tend to agree that it is, but I'm a bit more skeptical nowadays.

Sorry if I'm intrusive, no need to answer if I'm digging too much.

nice to hear from you

our marriage has been fantastic and just gets better and better. Perhaps I focus on a few of the negatives here, but it's 99.999% positive. When I started Karezza I was needy and demanding and had to renegotiate that whole aspect of our relationship. And I've gone hot and cold about wishing that she had more of a sex drive than she has. But within 6 months of starting everything was pretty clear sailing and it's been better and better.

I'm thrilled with Karezza and only want to keep learning and improving and that's why I'm here. I spend a lot of time with my wife and only a small amount of that time is spent in lovemaking, but it's the glue that keeps everything vibrant and amazing. I suspect that's how us humans are built.