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Tonight! Around 9: 30 pm Eastern Time. 6:30pm Pacific time.

Info here: http://www.hlntv.com/article/2012/08/01/tonight-sex-and-relationship-wed...

Dr. Drew wants to hear all about it.  Call at 1-855-DREDREW5 or submit your comments and questions here.


I wish we'd known earlier!! I just turned the show on, but I'm afraid I missed it (only 10 minutes left in the show).

The show

The show was a wash out. I wouldnt bother listening. Dr Drew put me live about 3 minutes before the end, asked me one or two questions, made a dismissive comment and before I had much of a chance to respond he went back to his callers. Then the show ended. I expected a dialog/interview, no such thing. Quite disappointing.

This doesn't surprise me at

This doesn't surprise me at all! When I work nights I often listen to Loveline (also with Dr.Drew) and there's been a few times that someone calls in asking if porn addiction can lead to problems like ED and loss of interest in women and he basically refuses to acknowledge that the problem even exits! Just like you mentioned he usually says something dismissive and even almost belittles the person.

It really pisses me off because he's a very smart guy and a great doctor on most issues but for some reason he just seems so ignorant when it comes to this. I wonder what he'd say after reading all the stories and articles on YBOP?

sorry to hear that

it did seem exciting. Well, that's the medja for you. I've done a lot of radio shows and I know Marnia has done appearances on TV and you just never know how it will come out. What the time will be or the chemistry with the host. 

I agree, Darryl

So surprised to hear him ask you if you and Annabelle are on any type of medication! (as if he couldn't believe a *healthy* person would practice intercourse without orgasm)

Oh, well~~you did your best given the situation! How did it all come about?

Someone at CNN (HLN is a

Someone at CNN (HLN is a division CNN) saw the original article from ABC News and tracked down our phone number. Called us 3 hours before the show went live. Why do these people have to wait until the last minute to figure these things out. I will say, the guy that called me was very nice and said it would be an interview with time to respond to callers afterwards. Of course, that never happened.

I had forgotten he asked if we were on medication. At the time, I was like, huh, what are you asking this for? Both Annabelle and I were suppose to be on together as a couple but they never called her cell number, (she was out at a show when it was suppose to be on). To be quite honest I was a little pissed by the end of it.

The medical profession

bought the ideas that hypersexuality was impossible,  there can never be too much solo sex, and all porn is equally harmless.

This all occurred because of an historical error, which is now so deeply engrained that it would take ages to correct...if it weren't for all the guys experimenting with giving up Internet porn and seeing huge benefits. THEY will soon be among the doctors and sex experts. They will be the ones to sort the situation out.

The Wages of Sexual-Addiction Politics

Dr. Drew's Loss Not Yours

The problem you experienced with Dr. Drew is sort of the nature of that type of show. The show doesn’t really impart much information; they work on slick sayings, catch phrases and sound bites. The goal of any interview is to make the host look like an expert, regardless of how little they actually know about the subject. When you get down to it, it is really just the entertainment business. Dr. Drew’s show is nothing more than another version of the Tonight Show; Jay Leno is just more honest, he says he’s only there to tell jokes.

I think Dr. Drew is a psychiatrist; my girlfriend’s mother is a psychologist. They both are therapists; one writes prescriptions the other doesn’t. But what I see on shows like Dr. Drew’s is nothing like what I see from my girlfriend’s mother or any other therapist I have ever met. What they do on those shows simply gives therapy a bad name. Most therapists, psychiatrists or psychologists, are really thoughtful people who would love to learn about how and what other people think—that is the essence of their business. Like me as an engineering student, I am always stopping and looking at how stuff is built and how it works—much to my girlfriend’s great annoyance I might add.

Darryl, your comments on this site are way too insightful and valuable to waste trying to help the ratings of some screwball television show. You can’t educate those who refuse to listen and learn—frankly it’s their loss not yours. Just keep posting here, people that come to this site want to learn.

And just to prove how valuable the ideas presented here are, my girlfriend should be home in about 30 minutes after a day as a camp counselor at a cheerleading camp for high school girls housed here at the university. She will be both tired and all wound up. I will take her shoes off and rub her feet and up to her calves. Then I will have her take her top off and lay down on the bed so I can massage her back. After awhile she will start to relax and say “That feels really good”, she always says that when I rub her back. When she seems relaxed enough I will tell her to roll over onto her back. Then I will start gently messaging her breasts and giving them some well deserved tongue action. She will probably say something like, “What do you think you are doing?” or maybe “What do you have in mind?” I will probably smile and say, “You’re a cheerleader and I’m going to play with your pompoms.”

Dr. Drew you should have listened to Darryl, if you had Mrs. Dr. Drew could be having fun like that tonight!


Thanks for you thoughts and comments. I think I was a bit "TV naive" about the interview. We dont have TV in our home and havent watched for, I cant remember how many years. I was not aware of what TV talk shows can be like, how the hosts behave sometimes, and the entertainment focus. When I was on hold before I went live I was listening to how he was, in my opinion, rude and condescending to the callers and I went "oh boy, this may not end up going so well".

No worries though, I would never stop posting here and if tomorrow there was another opportunity to speak about karezza on TV, I'd do in a flash. I've got a pretty tough hide and I'm rather committed to spreading the word about this wonderful way to make love and staying connected to one's partner. Just this one ABC News article brought more awareness about karezza to the world than I ever hoped for. The fact that my wife and I's vocalness with a group of local therapists was the seed that led to this article is way more than a flop of a TV show could possibly dampen.


It's a shame that while Dr. Drew could have an informative program, I have often seen him wasting his time on other stuff, just for the ratings. It's all about the ratings.

The question about medication caught my interest, however. I have been taking a generic version of Adderall since about February, for ADHD. I know the drug helps to increase dopamine and norapinephrine levels in the brain. If there are any psychiatrist types out there, maybe you could fill me in on whether or not this drug would raise libido levels? It seems I remember possible side effects including a decreased libido. Just wondering, The drug has helped me in other areas, so if if it helps me here I am blessed that much more.

We're not docs

so we can't help with this one. Gary says he thinks he has heard people claim both more and less libido with ADHD meds. What really matters is your experience.

I don't know if it's the drugs, but

what is happening to me in my relationship with PW ties in with the theme that I have been sharing with pretty much everyone this year: Life is too short. Life is too short to not live authentically and to be the person you were created to be. Life is too short to make decisions based upon how others may feel. Life is too short to exist in a marriage that is false, broken, and hurtful for both of you. Life is too short to not have known love at its fullest and deepest. Life is too short, but the life we do have is a beautiful and priceless gift. Please don't waste a day of it.