Day 111 - everything is OK and that's OK

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Have had a mellow weekend - just doing the things I enjoy. I haven't been ecstatically happy or fed up, just ok. (don't get me wrong, the time with my wife just 'being' makes me very, very content and at one with the world)
Weight loss going well. Kicking the reflux medication and dieting has meant 7lbs of fat lost in 2 weeks. A few mood swings and a bit of sleeplessness but worth putting up with.
Training going well - race coming up in just under 2 weeks. Looking forward to a little rest before and after and really thinking about ways to keep it all going in to the summer, without over doing it but still getting fitter. I can't have the boom and bust times of the past. I have a sustainable plan for that!
Business going ok too.

No urges to relapse - I was in the gym changing room and they had ladies beach volleyball just come on the TV and I could see guys just stop what they are doing and suddenly take an interest in the bikini clad girls almost mesmerised. No-one spoke. Without hesitation I just got on with sorting myself out out and there was a sub-conscious thought of - "I'm not part of that any more"

Being OK is OK, actually it's pretty cool!

Just got to keep on keeping on.