Day 112 - contented.

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Yesterday I was industrious nearly all day - I was rarely distracted by anything else. I am working on focusing on one thing at a time and it really helps. I didn't have much time for myself but I didn't mind at all and I went to bed tired and content.

I think we have so much that we can be trying to be better at and now that I feel more in control of my 'palette' - sex, food etc. I would like to work on some other areas too that I am not so happy with.

1 - I am going to work on really thinking about why I am saying something before I say it and being honest about it.
2 - Being present. I ditched facebook and twitter off my phone but I still look at it too often for my liking so I am going to turn it off more and only look at some things once a day.
3 - Keep working on avoiding distractions and not saving 'things' for me - time and money. If I have it I am going to be happy to use it and not try to cling on to it and that doesn't help things flow much.

This might seem not related at all to beating the addiction but - I WOULDN'T BE MOVING ON PAST WHERE AND ON TO THIS I WAS IF I WAS STILL LETTING THE ADDICTION WIN DAILY!!


great reading your posts these days

you are moving into new territory in your life, on the path of more self realization. Amazing how it's all connected, isn't it?

It's about living life consciously, making choices by being more self aware. I am also finding that things are improving in a big way for me as I address parts of my life that I would like to improve. I bite my nails -- that is a biggie for me that I'd like to stop, a lifelong habit.

Thanks for your posts!

It's the right way. I also

It's the right way. I also notice this drive to improve much more than just this porn addiction thing. I excercise, eat healthy, cut off caffeine, want to improve as much as possible, in private life and at work too.
It's like wanting to activate all the POTENTIAL in you! :)
Big difference to the past..

Life was

never meant to be as hard as we make it when we dysregulate our reward circuitry. You guys are living proof of how wonderful, productive and creative people are when in balance.