Day 13 slipped

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Hey everyone .
I am 18 years old been jerking daily since I was about 12.
I just suffered through 13 days of withdrawal and was silly enough to slip and ended up orgasming but I annoy going to count it and just want to reach 30 days now. So 17 days from now which is March 27.

I believe I can do it. I am upset about slipping but just have to move forward because I don't want to make myself feel worse!
I think it is at least a good sign that I made it to13 days but definitely if I can make 17 more I will be happy. Withdrawal shouldn't be as bad but I know why it is happening now and also how I can get through it!
I a taking fish oil and may start taking vitamin b as well.

Wish me luck and I will check back the 27th to let you know how I am doing!


Keep it up

My last clean streak was 13 days too, weird. But yea, it's nice to know what is going on after PMO and to see it's negative effects. Also, kudos on starting to get clean so young. I'm only 22, but I still feel like I missed out on something during my college years. But you can still save yourself haha. Stay strong dood.