Day 14 No PMO....18 year old

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earlier this day i was the most depressed than i've ever been in my life(even had suicide thoughts). I started crying alone in my room ( i don't remeber last time i cry). It was liberating. After that i do some pushups, pull ups( bought pull ups bar in my room) it also improved my mood.

Tips:i've been using this 2 weeks red x technique, in my earlier reboot attempts i would always entartain with thoughts,fantasy about girls in real life which would lead to relapse. I would trick myself that i am not addicted to porn and then pmo 3-4 times at same evening and probably next day.
I'im 18 year old guy and watching porn since 13.

Going to watch LOTR2: Two towers

Sorry for bad english..


The same thing happens to me!

This is my second serious attempt at reboot - I usually get suicidal thoughts and feelings of total worthlessness at or around day 14! It's deep man. I get thoughts about how I've failed at eveything in life and how I suck! It's not great! Anyway, the good news to know is that every time you hit a serious low like this, remember that means that serious progress is being made! Everytime I feel this low, I pick up in one or two days max! You got this!