Day 67 feels like the flatline is out of control.

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So I am finally noticing a slight change in this 9 1/2 week flatline.

It seems some days I have heightened libido and at bare minimum progress or notable changes. Others, just a flatline like today. I take solace in the fact that maybe this is a sign my flatline is coming to an end soon and my brain is showing me glances or flashes of my rewiring. I don't know. I may have a better answer if my improvements were more profound like maybe a boner from anything at this point( wouldn't that be nice? ), wet dream, regular physical reactions to real life babes, hell ANYTHING. Almost 70 days just seems too long to have not had much of any of this. BUT, moral of the post, I have begun noticing changes. As late as it may be.

Also, I want to know if maybe coming on to this site too frequently, as this is the internet (artificial stimuli?..) and I habitually check the forum like another habit I once had..
I am on the computer at work 8 hours a day 5 days a week so it is pretty hard to avoid. But fuck man, I just am beginning to wonder if I should just cut out the internet altogether.

My head's up high and at the end of all this, my hand will be too.


You're doing great!

just be careful not to compare your experience to others. Or at least, look up entries of guys who had a longer flatline! The tingles of life are a good sign, keep it up!

Yeah man good job, 70 days is

Yeah man good job, 70 days is still in a good flatline range, mine was till 115. At that time what helped me was learning to relax and feel my core/ animal nature. I believe that the whole pmo issue is that we start to see sex thru the head instead of feeling it with our gut.

In all likely hood your body may be healed but anxiety may still be present. I find I can connect with my animal nature when I exercise hard. At a certain point you get tired and you can relax into this super aggressive core that's got a ton of energy. If you're interested there's more on the relaxation stuff here:

Great job! Keep it up you'll get there!

Sorry it's taking

so long. You may find this talk interesting.

The researchers are now rolling "arousal addiction" into "Internet addiction." It would include porn, FB, random clicking, etc. So your instincts are good...stay off the Internet as much as possible and see what you notice.

Also, stick with the self massage and socializing. Tips For Former Fappers

It makes a lot of sense. My

It makes a lot of sense. My only question is, I get paid to be on a computer all day so the internet is impossible to avoid. my email and this site are the only 2 things i allow myself on, so would random clicking fall under these 2 things? i frequently check stories from people on here as i find it entertaining and motivating (stimulating?..) and i am constantly skimming through emails for numbers, dates, documents etc. Is that too much? if so, it's gonna be a LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONG ass reboot.

Thank you for your support Marnia.