Day 8! Again

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Hey everyone!

Last Saturday i relapsed again. I came home from a night out and fell for the temptation. Two nights before that i made out with a really unattractive woman, and the reason was that i was too desperate. Things went so well before Christmas but because of being a lot alone in the Christmas period i became sad and desperate. But anyways: I'm back on track again! I have been socializing a lot this week. This is the first day that i have been alone. I feel that i'm better of this time. The first days after the relapse was horrible but i now realize that the only thing to do is to rise up and learn from my mistake. This time i have a goal to go past my last streak of 106 days. i'm going on a trip to Korea the 8 of June. My goal is to not masturbate or watch porn till then. That will be 132 days :)

What i will do different this time is to be a lot more social. I feel as if i have already started. I'm rarely alone, and my schedule's is filled up. I have also got a lot in better touch with my family. This time i will deal with this shit no matter what!