Doing a ninety day no porn/no fantasy masturbation diet.

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Hey everyone. This is my first post.

I am currently doing a no fantasy masturbation diet. The reboot ends on April 9th. It is difficult but I am hell bent on getting my sex life back. I look forward to accomplishing this goal and reading over threads to get some ideas.



Thanks for the response

Thanks for the response Marina. I have my rubber band and snap it when my mind gets out of control. I still struggle a bit getting out of bed with my morning erections. I will be trying out the red X technique to see what's up.

Also, I do meditaiton and exercise six days a week so I am good on that front. It helps to balance my mind and wear my body down before I hit the bed.

I am on Day 06 now. Keeping it moving.


When will I know I have recovered?

I was wondering when will I know I have recovered? Is it when I can get hard with a real woman and stay hard? I get hard on's a lot already. The problem is most are because of sexual fantasy. After sixty days I am hoping to have my normal sex brain back. God, some guys have been doing it for 180 days.

I have always worked out a lot. I'm in the midst of a six day a week weights, push-ups, sit ups-pull ups- 3 mile run four days a week- routine. I have a good diet and lots of supplements. I think having that as a base line (along with 15 minutes of meditation a day) can help speed my recovery.

I am looking to date as well. I know the difference btw porn/fantasy induced masturbation and being stimulated by a real woman. I figure to work on building the brain chemistry with real women when I go out. I wouldn't mind having sex with the girls if I can manage to get hard with the real women rather than the mental image.

Oh well, let me know your thoughts.


Thanks for the links.

The testimony of those guys makes sense. I am putting myself on a 90 day diet. I had my first morning wood this morning but it was fantasy based :(. It was hella strong though. :) I have been doing two sets of kegal exercises everyday for the past seven days and it is starting to show results. My biggest attacks are always in the morning. The rest of the day and night time I am fine. But when I wake up in the morning, boy, it is a sluggish battle to get up with a log in your pants. Oh well. I am on Day 08 now. I will update my progress daily until I reach day 90 and assess where I want to go from there. I will be starting healing the shame that binds you by Bradshaw in order to attack the toxic shame that is inside me. I feel that the toxic shame is what causes me to run to porn and mental fantasy rather than go through the real life emotions of meeting an attractive woman.

Day 09, feeling fine. I am

Day 09, feeling fine. I am allowing myself to experience sex with real girls during this phase. I will know the difference between the real and fake thanks to my first 36 days of no fantasy masturbation. I actually am becoming really good at stopping the mental movies playing in my head. Not pursuing sex in the least but if it happens..great. :)


I've gone almost three months with no porn. I've started 36 days no fapping and then fapped. I am on Day 12 of my fap..challenge! 36+12 = oh my god. Oh well, fuck it. I guess I will miss out on the last of the poon I run into until mid April(Day 60 something). ugh...damn. I am getting my days mixed up. STARTED FEB/09/12 on another site...continuing here. I am on Day 12 now. Goal is to go sixty days...which would be April 8th. I can pick up on the pussy signals after the 9th but will continue with the challenge until May 09th (Day 90). From there I will be SERIOUSLY looking into nonfantasy, non porn based sex. I may even hit up an Asian massage palor. :)

Okay, so May 9th it is.

Okay, so May 9th it is. No fapping, No dating, No orgasms. May 10th I will be back on the dating market. I'll do whatever it takes to keep myself away from masturbating, reading, writing, video games,working out anything. I got the rubber band on my wrist and it will not come off. Anytime I start fantasizing I will snap the mother fucker. I got a lot of inner game material to work through, healing the shame that binds you by John Bradshaw, Homecoming by John Bradshaw,NNMNG and When I Say No I Feel teach myself to be assertive. I'm attacking the toxic shame and general pansyness that has held me back sexually for so long. Having been a victim of child and sex abuse, it will be a welcome addition to getting my sex life back on track. The good news is once the reboot is done I have the best material for dating known to mankind, and yes, it was written by a woman (so you know what's up). It will be hell for the next couple of months but I will succeed. I will. I will. I will!

Day 14!

Day 14! I am going to start attending Alcoholic's and Sex Addicts Anonymous meetings starting this week. I figure it will help in removing the shame and keeping me focused. It would be nice to have a sponsor of sorts to help me through this. Also, I figure working the 12 steps can get me to a better place in life. More work ahead.

Day 15!

Wow. Woke up this morning to the rumblings of a quasi ejaculation, though it was just precum for the most part. I literally clamped down hard on instinct and stopped myself from cumming. I like the fact that I almost had a wet dream. and man, what a dream. Literally as the moment of sexual pleasure started I woke up to my body damn near release. I was panting man! If anything it is a sign I am starting to get my plumbing back.

Day 26

Yep, still doing it. I slowed down the daily reminders since I don't like being so conscious of this endeavor. Had a rough start this morning but quickly hopped out of bed and snapped back to my senses. One day at a time.

Day 40!

Awesome. Things are going strong. There was a couple times I got so hard I pulled my penis out and jelqued my monster into submission. But I am still going strong. :)



Me and you seem to be in the exact same boat. Im good...until waking up with a log. Then its a constant battle to get up or stay in bed and take care of it. The rest of the day im ok. Goodluck! My reboot started today and will go until June.