Dramatic influence of orgasm on my quality of life

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This is my first post, but I read this site often and struggle with my masturbation and pornograph habit for many years. I'm 24 old male, started with masturbation when I was about 12/13.

I read a lot about negative influence of pornograph, masturbation, overmasturbation on brain and body. Changes in neurotransmitters, receptors etc. But many people, I think majority even if they masturbate everyday still have normal life, behaviour heatlh etc. But in my case the influence of orgasm on my life is dramatic, believe me. I really don't know why it touches my so much. Maybe someone else also has such bad symptoms. Let me list it down here:

After orgasm I expierence:

- immediately itching of whole body (especially head, my back, chest, pubic region), I think the worst is forst couple of minutes, then gradually decline,

- while itching my skin become very red (one more time especially on head, back, chest and pubic region),

- most of my life I struggle with seborheic dermatitis and acne. And this is very bad case.
I got it on my head, shoulders, face, neck, back, chest, and pubic region. And after orgasm the inflamantion is very very stronger,

- after orgasm, not necesarly necessary immediately, in couple of days I develop horrific Mouth ulcers. The are reallt really bad, I got about five of it in same time. It's so bad that sometimes I barely can speak or eat,

- I my skin become more oily (It's super oily without orgasm, but after orgasm it bocemo even more oily..., for day/weeks),

- I feel very weak, It's very easy to get cold for me, especially when masturbating everyday for couple of days,

- the next issue is influence on my behaviour and brain. After orgasm I got something like phobias/anxiety. I'm afraid of going out of my room/house. I don't want to talk with people. I just wanna stay in my room/home for some days without going out or talking with people. I feel like I have something like brainfog. I become very lazy and sleepy. I don't want do anything my motivation is zero.

There are more side effects but I don't have now time to list all. Now the thing is that if I stay without orgasm for a while my life/health starts changing. It takes about week to start noticing improvements. After week or two witout PMO I start to feel much more stronger physically and mentally. My acne is getting better, for acne I need about 2 weeks to see improvement. For seborheic dermatitis I need about a month and it getting better also.
My behaviour changes as well. After about 2 weeks my motivation to meet and talk with people raises. Mouth ulcers dissapear. My skin starts to look much more heathier. Phobias and anxiety decline.
My record without masturbation is about 7 weeks and I was feeling really really good in terms of physically and mentally health. I wasn't free of all those bad symptoms but they were much weaker.

I just want to know what is wrong with me. Most people even if they masturbate every day don't have problems with horrible acne, seborheic dermatitis, phobias anxiet, itching, etc etc.
What bothers me most is that the problem is orgasm not masturbation. So even if I had a girl and love with her (sex) I still would expierence all bad symptoms.
I read a bit about "Postorgasmic illness syndrome" http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Postorgasmic_illness_syndrome

Maybe it's the key, I really don't know. Please share your thoughts about my case.
Sorry for my bad language.

welcome here

I'm not sure your experiences are all that rare but they are extreme. I know someone that I think has the same issues but hasn't recognized the links yet. It is quite delightful to have sex without orgasm though. It's a whole new experience. People aren't used to it and it requires some education when you meet the right girl but for her it makes you much better as a lover because you last a long time and it's very sensual and wonderful.


Your English is fine

Some people are definitely extreme sensitive to orgasm, which is the beginning of a longer neurochemical cycle. See The Passion Cycle.

I'm not sure this means there is something "wrong" with you. Maybe it's more like an allergy. Your immune response just kicks in in an atypical way.

Maybe when you have a steady partner, the symptoms will ease. For one thing, daily affection is very soothing to the nervous system. The Lazy Way to Stay in Love

In any case, don't despair. Just adapt and be optimistic about the future.

Thanks for responses.

Thanks for responses.

I really hope that registation on this site help me and add more strength in fighting with my addiction. Reading posts with successful stories gives me some hope that my life can be better.

I really hate that orgasm/ejaculation causes me so extreme side effects. But I must say something. I can see in this situations both pros and cons. The negative side is obvoius and I wrote about it in my earlier post. But in some way positive thing is that I know what causes/aggrevate my poor physical and mental health. I know if I avoid orgasm/ejaculation/porn/masturbation my health is getting clearly better. Many people are sick, get horrible acne, pimples, skin inflamantion, depression, anxiety etc. and they have no idea what causes it. Of course I know that masturbation is probably secondary factor promoting my poor health. The root has to be in genes; bad working immune system.

So awareness of masturbation - health connection in my case helps with motivation to fight against the addiction. My record is 7 weeks and that time was one of the best in my last 6 years.
And I'm 100% sure that it wasn't top yet. I see many people need several months without PMO to improve their symptoms. So I know that there's long way to be cured.

Right now my last 14 days are free of PMO. I don't have erections, morning erections, and my libido is practically zero. It doesn't bother me yet coz I know the libido should comeback in weeks or months.

Maybe I will try to blog my struggle with addiction day by day and write about improvements.