Easy recovery from ED and losses due to masturbation...

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Hey guys,
Doctors say that masturbation isn't harmful but we all know the effects of over masturbation, specially brain fogging and anxiety, it destroys our social life, and excess of masturbation causes ED.
This thread is for all those who want to recover from these symptoms within a month.

A year ago a friend adviced me to take a herb used in Ayurveda known as Ashwaganda (withania somnifera), but I was doubtful whether it will work or not so I left buying it.

Previous month I saw a Ayurveda pharmacy store and decided to try Ashwagandha. I bought 4 strips of Ashwagandha capsules ( 40 capsules), and started taking it twice daily, within first week I found my erection got stronger, and my scrotum which always remained loose became hard, testis were also became big, also while bathing I ejaculated and noticed that the ejaculate was thick (like my first ejaculate) and also noticed I still had erection after ejaculation, I also noticed that symptoms of anxiety were no more, I had the capsules only for 20 days, while I was taking this herb I continued masturbation (2 times a week), now it's been a week and I don't have any more capsules left and today only I masturbated 5 times in morning, it's evening now and I can still get a strong erection just by watching a porn pic, moreover I didn't felt guilty this time, this has never happened with me, really this is a magic herb, everyone who want to recover should try this herb, it's available in powder and in capsule form.

And there is another mixture in Ayurveda which is more potent it is known as Shilajit. I didn't tried Shilajit but Ashwagandha really worked for me, and today only I bought 8 more strips of ashwagandha (40 days dose), this time I will not be masturbating for these 40 days, I will post the results after 40 days.
Also I'm not advertising any particular brand.

I'm concerned about your story

While an herb may help (and we've collected lots of guys' recommendations of supplements on YBOP), it can never halt the process of addiction. It can only slow it.

In other words, use the improvements you see to change your habits instead of an excuse to intensify them. Otherwise, you can easily end up with a more severe addiction, and an even more miserable withdrawal period before you can restore balance in your brain.

Good luck.



On the capsule packet it was mentioned that it is used to cure insomnia, general weakness, physical and mental stress, sperm problems, penis problems, diabetic neuropathy and anxiety, out of these my insomnia was gone, I always had a feeling of weakness this herb cured it, even family and friends said you have improved your health, and the quantity and quality of sperm was increased. Anxiety is no more. And Ayurvedic medicines have no side effects as they claim, even I haven't seen any side effects till now. I will update if I see.


I will be more careful this time, because during this 20 day period I experienced what you said, but really these improvements, inspired me a lot to stop masturbating. Some day I will quit this.

Also anyone has used hypnosis and nlp to quit masturbation? I read that hypnosis works, I am soon going to try this.

what really makes it easier to quit masturbation

1. Cuddling with a woman, kissing, lots of non-sexual and non-orgasmic contact is hugely satifsfying and quickly removes the desire to masturbate. Lots of orgasms with a woman without all the bonding activities causes many guys to want to masturbate more.

2. Replacement behaviors. "If I am in this situation where I normally would masturbate, isntead I'm going to..." and decide in advance what to do ..go for a walk, read a book, go down to the coffee place and hang out, etc.

3. Avoiding all fantasy even that inspired by triggers in the world. You see a sign, or an ad, that reminds you of porn or a sexual thought. Nip it in the bud. Expect 30 minutes or so of hormonal fallout as the desire to masturbate will fade after this. Try to minimize and eliminate all fantasy. This makes it SO much easier to quit



Thanks Emerson for the tips,

Thanks Emerson for the tips, I don't have a gf, or wife and that's the real reason for my loneliness and I always end up masturbating, the real war starts when you have abstained from masturbation for 2-3 weeks and a thought pops up in your mind, even the brain pushes you to masturbate because of our mistakes. I have to fight the urge that's it and I will fight it.