the effects of masturbation in women?

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Hello everyone!

I am very, very curious about the effects of masturbation on women... and yes, I am a 16 year old boy. Why I am I so curious? Because I noticed my ex-girlfriend who was passingly curious in karezza / sacred sex (not nearly as much as me!) suffered all the same side-effects of masturbation as I did whenever she finished (emotional coldness / disinterest, mental exhaustion, etc).

I had already quit masturbating (which was very easy for me, personally) long before I met her and always wanted to bring it up to her that her masturbating (she did this on a daily basis) was causing her suffering (and for us as a couple, too) but I never had enough research to back it up. Almost all of the articles and stories on the very real dangers of masturbating daily are about men and boys. This makes sense, but surely women suffer from it also.

Any thoughts?

Women have very

similar reward circuitry in the brain, and sure enough, now that more are delving into porn, more are suffering from overstimulation of the brain.

Here are two posts we've written that are more for women:

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She might find our book of interest too, as it applies to both sexes.

How did you get interested in these ideas at such a tender age?