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Hi Karezza friends...

Often I find myself wishing I could go back in time. The one thing I would change – if possible - is my finding and learning about karezza style lovemaking as a teenager; for I know it would have helped me make better choices in life – protected me from hurting people and from creating bad karma. For five years now, my sweetheart and I have been practicing karezza. Along the way we’ve faced some definite challenges, but the rewards have been well worth the effort. Everything has changed – everything. We feel different. We behave different. We think different. We speak different – it’s like embodying the old mosaic adage – good thoughts, good words and good deeds.

The reason I know this is because, when we skip two or three days making love, life feels flat and uninteresting. There really is something remarkable about the brain chemistry effect when you stop orgasming altogether. The rough part is the long adjustment period – learning, practicing - exploring various positions and timing in order to tweak the way that works for you. Still I wonder, why we are not taught the highest form of lovemaking at a young age.

But that’s not what I wanted to say, instead it is this: I am in absolute awe of the fact that our culture has provided hints to this sexual information in the form of fables and fairytales. It’s hidden right in front of us, but we never see it. This “Ah Ha” happened for me last night when we watched the 2007 Disney movie entitled, “Enchanted”. It stars Amy Adams and Susan Sarandon. What a great movie. It’s the perfect romance fantasy, containing all the coded messages of the secret knowledge of sexual alchemy.

If not for the books by Samael Aun Woer I wouldn’t have seen it, but once the meanings are understood, the message stands out clear! The best example is the classic portrayal of the girl and the prince meeting. After seeing each other for the first time, they fall instantly in love right on the spot, and get married the next day. They experience “love’s true kiss” and “live happily ever after”. I fell in love at first sight with my bride!

Like most people I saw that stuff in Snow White and Cinderella and grew up thinking that was a bunch of baloney. But from the perspective of the knowledge of sexual alchemy, in ancient societies where cultures practiced arranged marriages, young couples generally traveled for days (the honeymoon) to reach the temple where they were instructed and taught the secrets of white sexual tantra by the Elohim. They learned the sacrament of not spilling the cup of Hermes (sex without the orgasm spasm), not fornicating and releasing the semen, or producing babies that were not wanted. Instead, they learned how to create a divine child when they were ready. And the result of all this was true sexual harmony – and the effect came from producing brain chemistry that allowed them to stay in love and live happily ever after.

The difficulty of life stems back to one thing - sexual disharmony – which is depicted by the wicked snake, the old hag, evil queen or stepmother (Lilith). She is the usurper of the throne in the kingdom. It is she who wants to stay in power, and so she attempts to thwart the sacred marriage of her step-son (the prince) by getting rid of the young maiden he loves.

The witch offers the girl a poisoned apple (like the fruit from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good & Evil). In other words, she tempts the girl with adultery (unfaithfulness) and fornication (orgasm), which causes her to fall asleep (deep unconsciousness), representing the state of the world most of us live in.

The prince must find the maiden who lost the glass slipper – she’s the one – the only one he can do the sexual work with. She’s the one given to him that he may return home to the Kingdom. Only true love’s kiss can awaken her, symbolic of sexual pleasure without orgasm. In this way and over time, Mother Kundalini will rise up the spine, symbolized by ascending the castle tower.

However, before the story ends, the witch fights back against the couple by transforming herself into a dragon. This is the temptation of the serpent power of the kundalini. Symbolically, the dragon attempts to lure them into orgasm spasm in order to cause them to fall into the abyss (the inverted serpent – the tail of Satan).

In the movie, the dragon (Susan Sarandon) seizes the prince – which is a twist in the original fairytale. I think this is because in this modern time, it is mostly men who have fallen under the spell of Lilith – they’ve eaten the apple - been seduced by high speed internet pornography and masturbation. They are in the grip of the beast. So it is the princess (Amy Adams) who must rescue him! Perhaps this is symbolic of the rise of the feminine (the Aquarian age – the maiden pouring the – sexual - waters from the pitcher).

All I can say is that this is all true for my sweetie and me. After twenty-three years together, terrible conflict and heartache, we have never felt so bonded and at peace with one another. Even at our age, we live each day in great joy and appreciation for the time we have together - enjoying the most slow, sensual, erotic lovemaking ever – sometimes two or three hours at a time. We never tire of making love and doing creative work on our home.

“…and may we all live happily ever…”

Careful not to slip up. The

Careful not to slip up. The stories you tell and your interpretations are very prone to demonizing orgasm. Don't give it so much power. It's just some muscle spasms and a bit of brain overload. There are no demons here. No need to be afraid of it.

Just another silly thing to shrug at as you pass it on the way.

Thank you kevin

What a wonderful essay.  I'm going to watch that movie. Thanks!


Karezzaa -- its been the greatest thing in my marriage and love life, life itself. 

Good to see your messages

Hi, Kevin,

I've been away for awhile, and it is good to be back to catch up here in this community. I've been slaying dragons elsewhere. Smile

I love reading what you just wrote. I also wish you and your lovely bride the next 23 years to be in ease, bliss, and continuing exploration and appreciation. And of course hoping you will report your tips back here.

I'm very happy that I have not been in a relationship for coming up on 10 years now. It's taken that long to process the last one, get to know myself at a new stage in life, and, become more committed than ever to selecting a new love who also "gets" this.

Thank you and an amazing new year for us all.

Way to go, Kevin. You and

Way to go, Kevin. You and your beautiful lady have clearly utilized this wonderful approach to sexuality that coaxes out the deeper connection and fulfillment that intimate relationships offer.