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So I understand that fantasizing will slow down the process, however I wanted to clarify if that was fantasizing to porn related stuff ( extreme genres, extreme sex) or if fantasizing about a current prospect, cuddle buddy, real life partner would also have the same damaging effect. I have been fantasizing about cuddling with one of my friends and it does not ignite a sexual response but I wanted to know of that's going to slow my process or not?should I completely cut out all fantasy and visualization?

Dunno but it seems to be better

not to fantasize at all. I would cut all of it out. It seems that if the fantasy brings a reward, then that reward is going to hurt our progress. It's the same in non-sexual realms actually. So it makes sense not to fantasize at all.

I just do my best to not

I just do my best to not fantasize. I think that it's impossible to completely 100% eliminate fantasy because it is kind of natural, but if I find my self starting I just stop. It can be really tough when I'm lying in bed trying to fall asleep that's where it's the hardest probably out of habit. I feel that everytome you say no you are making progress

I think youre supposed to cut

I think youre supposed to cut out all sexual fantasy so that your brain doesnt make the connection between your fantasy and sexual arousal. So whether youre fantasizing about porn or a sexual conquest is irrelevant. Just my understanding.