fell short of the 2 week no sex period

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me and my girlfriend began the exchanges last week but yesterday i was very horny and we had a little sex. it was just a few minutes but i got pretty aroused and kinda close to climax, but i didnt come. afterwards though i felt kinda depressed and disapointed. almost as if i DID come. it was a similiar feeling to back when i first was trying to quit masterbating and i gave in. is this normal and can it be attriubted to the fact that it hadnt been 2 weeks? should i start the count over and start at day 1? really would like to get it right.


never restart the count when you masturbate, have sex, or look at porn. Always restart the count when you ejaculate. That is the true number that counts. Everything else is psychological. If your brain is in one state, that can be changed with discipline, but the one thing that's lifetime real is the size of your load.