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i was excited to learn about karezza and really want to begin practicing it. im a male and i have practiced long periods of complete abstinence so i know the benefits are real but my girlfriend seems skeptical. she admitted to me that she only has clitoral orgasms and doesnt really feel anything from penetration except sometimes discomfort from certain positions. would she be able to benefit from karezza being that penetration is not really enjoyable? she doesnt seem to thrilled about the whole thing and i dont think she has given the book (CPA) or other links ive given her much attention. i thought perhaps i can continue to give her clitoral orgasms with oral and manual sex then she wont mind gentle intercourse while i practice the principles being sure to give her lots of affection. i have read a few posts of couples with one practicing "no orgasm" ( the male ) and the woman climaxing and eventually the woman becomes curious about abstaining and eventually both are on board. but i noticed from the ones i read about, the women were having penetration orgasms which means both partners get what they want simultaneously. how would it work in my case? she appears to only really like to recieve oral and manual sex and tolerates penetration to satisfy me. any advice would be greatly appreciated.


If you wish to engage without orgasm, then make that your starting point, for yourself. Dont underestimate the effects this will have on her. Women are generally pretty tuned into the subtler relms of these kinds of things. If she wants clitoral stimulation to orgasm then give that to her. Let her know that you want to practice this new kind of sex and meet in the middle. You give her some time with what she wants and she spends some time exploring what you want. It may take a little while but I strongly believe things will change and unfold in a new way between you two with just your movement. Your the guy, if you know your direction, stay with it, she'll respond in time. Include plenty of bonding behaviors as well.

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Some of the related links might also be useful: http://www.reuniting.info/karezza_korner_intro

Also, there are ways for your gf to become more sensitive to ecstatic feelings during intercourse: http://www.reuniting.info/blogs/karezza-korner/role-breasts-female-respo... This takes a bit of time, but many women really get good results from tuning into their breasts and the link between them and their vagina.

things change

I'm into my fourth month of Karezza. My wife has an occasional orgasm. We are in different places. But nothing stays the same here. Things are constantly evolving and it's been very good. I haven't had an orgasm in four months and it's very easy not to have them. I find it incredibly pleasurable and a great growth experience.

I believe that the secret to woman's arousal can often be in her breasts. Clitoral stimulation seems to get in the way of a truly satisfying Karezza experience. I don't really care for her stimulating my penis directly either, any more, at least not usually. A lot of things really change and if you want to go for this, just go for it. That's what I did. It's a big commitment to a process that is leading us to surprising places, and that's part of the fun.

very interesting emerson. i

very interesting emerson. i have no doubt karezza will change things for the better. everything i hear about it rings true in my spirit and im very exited. i just have to work on getting pass these minor obstacles. for instance i have the tendency to become aroused very easily. sometimes only a touch or hug is enough to give me a full erection and involuntary kegels (pelvic floor muscle contractions.) i wonder if this might be a barrier. can i convey "heart love" when my body is screaming "passion love" from the very start? also, now that i think of it my girlfriend once told me that sometimes she doesnt really feel much from breast play. perhaps its in the method. i'm definitely going to read those threads to learn more about the role of breasts. very optimistic. thanks for your input.