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finally having successful karezza sessions with my girlfriend. it is so effortless! there is no more craving! at least on my part. she still has orgasms sometimes. i realized i had to stop pushing and let her explore her own sexuality. i think in time she will follow my example and find the peace that this method instills. meanwhile i have just been showering her with lots of bonding affection and i allow her to initiate sex, (something i have never been able to do because i always initiated sex because i always wanted it before she did). not only that, but i have this method to thank, indirectly, for leading me to a new way life free of ego, free of suffering and illusion, and free to fully embrace the present moment. Thank you Marnia and all others on this site who have helped me along this journey.

Very glad to hear this

It's great that your sweetie is adjusting in her own way. You must have done a very good job of piloting. Wink

Shall I write you up as a "Karezza Journey?" We've just started a new section on the site where we hope to give summaries of the transition in the words of actual visitors (kind of like the "Rebooting accounts" on YBOP).

It would be great if you want to do this yourself (see emerson's summary at the link below). Otherwise, I can piece one together from your posts. Either way I'll put a copy of it here:

really wonderful to hear

Karezza just turns around everything, doesn't it?

Isn't it cool not being hungry for sex all the time, feeling so wonderful? The memories of it just float you through the day. Nothing sweeter. It has changed my entire life. Love to hear more about your experiences.

Is she reporting that she feels more sensation in her vagina?

YES! it is!!

beyond wonderful Emerson. on all levels, she hasn't reported any changes but there is an unspoken understanding between us about the change in our love-making. i know she feels the objectifying/lustdriven side of me has disappeared and that what is left is a side of me that savors her completely whether making love or not. incidentally i have had a very spiritual experience where i now recognize the illusion all around us, the illusion we create with our minds and in turn the underlying reality beyond the mind. Karezza has been an important aspect of this experience. with this recognition comes a deep peace and stillness of being. life is a miralce that never ceases to unfold. :)

it's love for everything and all things

Who would have thought this? What a discovery. It ranks right up there as the most important of my life.

Glad you are sharing in this journey on your own, Calypso. What an interesting experience you describe.

Savoring your woman completely is what this is about. My partner still asks me, as she did last night or maybe this morning, won't these good feelings end?

I assure her they won't. Brain chemistry is amazing. The love I feel for her and everything else is mind boggling and it's all due to a lot of bonding and not having orgasms? Nobody would believe it. This is what makes non-orgasmic Karezza so amazing...there is no pleasure that holds a candle to this.