First 13 days

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I think the is probably the longest I've been without MO in the last 25 years! Well done me.

After a full 13 days without MO I had a slip. I was pissed off about this but not disheartened. I learned a bit during my brief abstinence; there seemed to be some MASSIVE key benefits.

  • More confidence when speaking to people
  • People seemed more interesting and interested in me
  • Improved mood
  • More focused
  • Desire to go and do stuff
  • Didn't shiver and feel cold as much
  • More energy
  • women definitely more attractive

Trying to trace my lapse back to any one thing is difficult. The day before I was tempted to have a quick peek at one of the sites that I and did just that. I could strongly feel a change come over me as my eyes scanned the page looking for the kind of images that I like. I managed to turn a way that time but the next day I gave in. Up until that point the 12 previous days I'd managed to say away from it entirely without too much hassle.

After the binge, I felt

  • tired
  • disappointed
  • irritable
  • stiff
  • anxious
  • confused
  • boring
  • like returning to PMO!


perfectionism is something to guard against

when you relapse, it's tempting to just say "screw it" and go whole hog just because you had a small mess-up. But it's always worth it to regain some self-control as quickly as you can, and a relapse doesn't mean it's all been for naught. Look how long you went without PMO! You can do it again and for longer this time.

Not sure the reasons why you relapse are even possible to come up with definitively. It is a fact though that if you can realize that you cannot look at ANY porn EVER again, you will be a lot better off and much less prone to relapsing with "just a quick peek".