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I've been trying out online dating for a few months. So far it's been met with marginal success; I had a few people I was talking to and interested in, but between having relapses and just generally being distracted by other personal issues... I fell out of contact with some of them. That said, I did have a first date last night with someone I started talking to about a week ago. It was good. I haven't had a real date in a few years and it was interesting. We were both a bit awkward. She said that she has never been in a relationship (she's 25) because she has always been so focused on academics that she never had time. I myself haven't put much time into it because of health issues. There were some brief drops in conversation, one joke she didn't get, and she was too nervous/shy to actually greet me outside where we were meeting, AND the ending was fast and awkward...


Even though all that happened.... she never used her phone the whole time, didn't ask to leave early, didn't refuse when I politely offered to buy her coffee and bring it to her when it was served at the bar, WAS fun to talk to - she's actually pretty interesting.

I would and think I will have a second date with her. I'm a little unsure when it should be, as in how long after should I request a second date.. and with it being so close to valentines... I don't want to send the wrong message or get in over my head when there are other women I'd like to date at the same time. This isn't to say I'm trying to be a man-whore.. I just am not ready to commit to dating exclusively with someone I've only had one or even a few dates with yet.

Anyway progress is on the way, I'm 4 days no pmo, and just went to the gym this morning for the first time in several months.


Go for it

...don't allow it to go to long between dates. IF you like her, call her and ask her out again soon. No games, no one is judging you, just see her again. She'll appreciate it.

online dating

Keep it casual, happy hour, appetizers. If she acts weird again, there are more in the pool. Just don't browse the thumbnails for too long looking. HA kidding.

2 cents

For me, anything over a week and I lose momentum. Talking on the phone helps keep things flowing between dates, if you can get up the nerve. I have a hard time using the phone.

I agree with James on the text, especially the same day after you have a good date.