Flynn effect and overstimulation

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I noticed that the "Possible end of progression" section study dates fit somewhat with the rise of overstimulating environments. I wonder if there could be a connection.


Notice it only stopped in developed countries. Ironically, one basis for the Flynn effect may be that same stimulation. Talk about support for a middle way. I wonder what Flynn would say about this.

Although testing better, it's questioned as to whether we're getting smarter. Maybe there's some stimlation based improvement that is picked up in testing while ultimely being some underlying limiting going on. When the limiting becomes more dominant the Flynn effect stops and even reverses.

Maybe we should rename developed countries overstimulated countries. We can't hide from the unpleasant sound of that.


Does this mean then that if one becomes more conscious, one must slow down, would fall into a perhaps unpredictable Flynn effect until the brain restructured, etc?

Given finite brain resources, we can maximize thinking or processing speed, but not both?

What happens to those of us who are new brain age with old brain parents or those who spend a lot of time with old brain people? Do we form some form of hybrid brain, confused brain, something else?

Older people then shouldn't judge themselves negatively for any slowness?

It's interesting to see research before internet porn. It goes to show that porn is more of a stimulation problem than a moral/religious problem. My guess is something even more stimulating than internet porn may come about. Not sure what happens then...We go extinct?

Not just research before porn

Not just research before porn but if you have them available you should check out old report cards. I know this sounds funny but the other I decided to check out some old boxes in my parents lower level. I found different report cards and teacher evals from before I started chronically masturbating and after.

There was a noticeable difference in both my performance(no pun intended) and in the way my teachers evaluated me. My academics were clearly stronger before I started whacking it several times a day.

Yes, it could be a coincidence but I honestly do not think so after noticing how much more productive and focused I am when I abstain even for a short while.

It could be a change in the

It could be a change in the way students were evaluated. I too got comments with grades until high school. Then it became a digital transcript with maybe a few word comment. There's a lot to be said for the detailed, personal touch, amazingly still used at some colleges where grades are not given.

Can we really draw conclusions about academics from this? It's hard to know for those of us who started young.

Those both are really

Those both are really fascinating. I've been trying to do a super-stimulation depravation experiment on myself. Nothing really drastic of course. I've found on the days when I eliminate all super stimulating things I feel so much happier by looking at things that normally wouldn't create a blip on my interest radar. I need to do it for longer periods I believe. It may even speed up the reboot process.

Maybe it's not the vacation

Maybe it's not the vacation from work that people enjoy as much as the vacation from stimulation. Throw in bonding and one has a brain celebration.

It could be that the EMF fears are right, but misplaced. It's not the EMFs affecting our bodies as much as the stimulation that happens to come from electronics affecting our brains.

Could be. I do notice when I

Could be. I do notice when I spend time out at a cabin or traveling through places like Colorado or Northern Minnesota without tv and the only stimulation I get is natural, I do feel so much much better in fact that I go and f*ck it up by jerking off later :). Yeah, that's going to have to stop.

Big sky country balance

The point isn't to enable more masturbation, though it too can seem more amazing. Location, brain getting balanced, something else...who can say for sure. Many city kids don't even realize how many stars one can see on a clear night in many places. Would they even care with smartphone in hand? When there's no radio and now cell reception, one's perhaps gone far enough.