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I realized that my genitals have always been very small. I hope that by masturbating a lot since I was young, I did not permanently damage them from growing any bigger. Did anyone have experience of the genitals getting bigger and when? I know they are supposed to shrink at first and then get bigger. Towards what days would you say you saw them get bigger after complete abstinence from pmo and fantasy( as best as you can)?

I've been told

By girls that my balls are small. They have been wrinkled after masturbating a lot. I am also feeling like my penis looks like a lot older than it is. Hopefully this will change during the reboot.

I've noticed my balls have

I've noticed my balls have gotten slightly larger as a result of the reboot. As for fixing any damage on your penis, I would suggest organic coconut oil and Vitamin-E (see the link). Apply both nightly and during the day if you can. I had some pretty serious skin damage from my masturbation techniques at the start of the reboot and I've seen significant improvement using these products and holding off from Ming all the time. It takes a good bit of time to heal the skin on the penis in my experience. Your penis might get bigger once it gets resensitized and you get more blood flow down there. You should look into kegels and reverse kegels- there are some links on

Vit-E link


Ill go get some coconut oil and vitamin e. I did kegels but all the explanations are a little confusing. So correct me if I'm wrong but a reverse kegel is when you are peeing as hard as you can and a kegel is the muscle you use when you are holding yourself from urinating. Am I right?

For me as well

For me as well

My balls have gotten biggerr, before it was like they were trying to crawl into my body. Now they hang pretty nicely.

My flacid dick also looks a lot bigger.

*God Marnia is reading this* haha