have you experimented with fasting during reboot?

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I've found great magic in fasting, even just skipping meals for a day (basically a 36 hour fast). Have you tried fasting during a reboot and if so did you notice anything?


I've been routinely water fasting for over a year. My pattern has been ~36 hours a week and ~84 hours one week a month. I've read a benefit comes from sleeping while empty of food as this is when the body repairs. Thus, two nights is better than more day hours and a single night. I also enjoy the lack of rigidity with such a pattern. I eat, sleep, day or more, sleep, eat. I do that at whatever time it happens to be. Many recommend gradually entering and exiting the fast. I’ve not done that. Occasionally, I question that approach. There can be oddities with one’s bowel movements depending on various circumstances, especially at first and after breaking the fast. Everyone says drink plenty of water. I’ve stopped actively thinking about it. I’m not sure how much I’m actually drinking. I don’t take any vitamins while fasting as a precaution to any toxicity. It seems too risky. People have died from supplementation while fasting. On the other hand, no one has died from a short time without supplementation. I don’t know what I’d do with prescription meds. I’d probably skip them (ask your doctor). I've also experimented with up to ~36 hours dry. I had practice with religious dry fasting of 24 hours or so. Those extra 12 hours are not as easy. Dry fasting is trickier as one has to consider ambient temperature and activity levels. Some are of the opinion that dry fasting is vastly superior even though it can’t be done for very long. They might be right. It opened up new things I hadn’t felt.

As a safety precaution, always eat if your mouth feels hungry. Like thirst, any sign in the mouth is serious and you must break the fast. It’s not worth the risk. You can always try again. Hunger in the stomach or anywhere other than the mouth is brain generated and can be ignored. I chuckle at it. It will help cement one’s realization that horniness isn’t physical.

Dr. Bass claims one should rest when water fasting due to toxicity in the air. I’ve not found that to be necessary. I go about my day including exercise. I have some inspiring experiences out and about such as sensing people moving at a distance. I’ve found sensory awareness is heightened and that some of that stays with one over time. My touch sensitivity is significantly enhanced. I also think my energy perceptions are better. It’s brain training just like meditation. You can also learn about what nutrition your body needs from any cravings you notice. I personally think everyone should try fasting just like a reboot and karezza. You can always go back. I’m looking for the next level, perhaps by fasting every other day. That is even more complicated in terms of social eating and things of that nature. For now, I’m where I am.

I suggest one adopt a non-rigid, non-goal oriented approach. Just a few weeks ago I broke a fast I was almost done with because there was an interesting social eating situation that came up unexpectedly. I didn’t care about the food as much as the context in which it was offered up. I just fasted the next day. Although I’ve got a routine schedule, I adjust as need be. The idea is to be life expansive and in flow. Free pizza isn’t exactly that so I draw boundaries as they make sense.


I did a 10 day water fast with my reboot. I lost a lot of weight (became almost too thin) but gained it back after eating. Most nutritionists recommend a 30 day juice fast.

Dry fast here

I did a 96 hour dry fast (no food or water). Pretty brutal for me. Now I do intermittent fasting because I usually eat once per day. I don't feel the need for longer fasts.

I wouldn't recommend juice fasts though. Your body knows how to handle fasts, it has done that for millions of years, it knows how to save energy and accelerate healing. That is as long as you don't EAT. Juice still has to be digested. A juice fast in my opinion is not a fast, it's just a deficient diet. If you're going to try, do a water fast.