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So I need some help and advice, I've been having trouble staying hard in bed and I have no idea why. It's becoming a major problem to me and is having a major impact on my self esteem, and I believe it's also effecting my partner as well. The past 4-5 times where we have tried to have sex we will begin to start taking off each others clothes and making out and playing with each other and I will get really hard and maintain hardness. But once were all stripped and and it's about time to put the condom on I just go soft and the expirence is lost, I have no trouble getting hard but staying hard is a different story and once I hit that point the only thing that will get me hard again unless I wait is oral but again if we try to put a condom on to try somthing else it just goes soft. The reason this is really freaking me out is that this hasn't happened before, and I'm only 18, it just started to happen I used to be able to go and go start hard and remain hard but now I just go limp recently. I even use to be able to cum and just switch out condoms and keep going but now I can't even do that. Can anyone help me with my problem?

Yes, you can help yourself - if your problem is porn-related

Thousands of young internet porn users are experiencing this exact same phenomenon. This is a good forum for getting help: www.yourbrainrebalanced.com. These articles should help you understand what's up.

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Here are two excellent videos by a young guy who recovered from this problem:

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