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Hello. I am a eighteen year old male and I don't know what wrong with me. Recently with my girlfriend I've been having problems with ED. It's starting to affect our relationship and I'm worried. I can't get it up when I'm with her even though I am very attracted to her. She's beginning to think it's her but I don't know how to convince her its not. I think its a problem with mb and porn. I've been mb since I was maybe 12 once or more times a day. I'm not sure what to do. Do you think I need to reboot? I'm just so lost. I want to change but I need help.

sorry if i posted in the wrong place.

sure sounds like rebooting might help


This is a very, very common story. You are far from alone. It's tough because nobody every told you that this could happen. Porn can cause ED especially in young guys. Reboot, and try to make sure your girlfriend knows that you think she's hot, especially by explaining what is going on. That might really help.

You are not alone man. I'm 19

You are not alone man. I'm 19 and had a similar issue with my ex girlfriend. When I found this site and others I realized that I had a problem because of porn and masturbating.

I've talked about it with a few close friends and they have all expressed similar issues and concerns. I think this is something thats just really hitting our generation hard but no one has realized it yet.

I would advise just stop masturbating. That seems daunting I know but once you realize that you cant perform because your playing with yourself, it becomes a lot easier. Also cut out all the porn. That stuff is truly disgusting anyway.

But you are going to be fine. I would do the reboot, but I personally wouldnt discourage you from having sex with your girlfriend during that time period. I think interaction with a real girl, while simultaneously cutting out all porn and masturbation will do the trick for you.

Good luck man