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What The #$*! Do We Know?! - http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0399877/

So I stumbled onto this documentary on Netflix and I think it would be helpful to many of us here. It's core content is about quantum physics, but they also talk about spirituality, biology, and some other topics. A fair portion of the film discusses brain chemistry, neural nets, addiction, etc. and I also think that some of the philosophy and study involving quantum physics mirrors my own beliefs which help me every day, and also help me to make quick progress with my reboot.

It's very well produced, although there are a couple spots that take too much creative license (too much dramatic illustration, think school house rock on 'roids) and there's also a section discussing an "experiment" done involving thought projection on the formation of water crystals (which in my opinion shouldn't be in there... documentation online indicates that study was bogus and has been attempted to be recreated using scientific method and it was a failure), but overall I think it's a great piece of film.

Also during the whole film I noticed there was no references given to the speakers who were featured, which concerned me, but at the end during the credits they are all credited in a "candid" interview style. Rest assured, there are several PhD's, MD's, and other people who do not resemble the likes of Giorgio Tsoukalos (AKA the "I don't know, therefore aliens" guy).

It's on Netflix for free, check it out, I think you'll find it enlightening and helpful.