How do you guys stay focused for so long?

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So I am on day 6 and it is going alright. However, I am already starting to develop a failure scenario in my mind. I know I am successful for a few days because I am constantly putting my mind off to the next day..just saying ok just one more day and constantly focusing on not masturbating. But as my need to resist urges wanes, I can see my commitment to no PMO waning as well. I don't want to be constantly thinking of not jerking off for the next month, year, life. And when I get to where I'm cool, I will want to occasionally jerk off. How do you guys do it? Do you constantly think about how bad it is?



I think about the negative effects masturbation does to the brain. Every time the thought of porn use to come up my rational part of the brain quickly thought about the consequences. Glad we humans have the rational part!!!

I do more productive things with myself be it exercising, reading books, studying more about the human body, hanging with my friends more, flirting with woman, cuddling with woman, talking to woman, staying away from 2D images and media, magazines that produce pointless high sexual stimuli.

When I do all above my brain is constantly being used 24/7. It doesn't and will not have the opportunity to ever think about porn, masturbation, or trying to achieve an orgasm.

I'm on day 78. Feeling stronger, outgoing, flirty, confident than I ever was before. Porn, masturbation has kept me isolated to myself, kept me away from females or wanting to talk to females. It has alter so many chemicals within the brain that it made me so mad I chose to abstain and forget about it.

I feel good about that. Abstaining from porn in fact has made me more confident. And it's a plus when you tell a female you are finished with porn and looking for new ways to have sex instead of orgasmic sex.

Just my two cents...


After a while the 'fight' gets easier and the attraction wanes. Then PMO is just something you you used to do. You need to fill the gap it has left in you with something else or it may always be fighting to return.