How to measure libido?

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An odd question maybe... but how can I measure my sex drive? It doesn't appear to have significantly changed since PMO (26 days). Is it too early to be asking? What does flat-lining feel like? And how do you feel when coming out of the other end? I'm sure if I looked at porn right now I would get turned on, but I'm not prepared to even look for obvious reasons. I'm trying to figure out whether my libido has dropped, or I'm just getting better at ignoring my PMO urges.

Having a girlfriend would be useful right about now!

What's my definition of

What's my definition of libido? I always thought it was how often a day you felt like having sex or masturbating. But seeing as I don't have a girlfriend, and I'm blanking out urges to masturbate it's hard to tell exactly what it is.

I still get morning woody, and the occasional random woody (usually these happen once a day and also in the morning) - but I guess these are bodily functions rather than a response to libido.

We had a house party on the weekend, and I didn't get any "surprises" down there. But then again, I didn't find any of the girls particularly attractive (or they were taken) so I wasn't exactly flirting.

Not quite there

I don't tick all those boxes yet. I'm sure I could MO without porn, but I still appear to have seamen leakage, and I still have social anxiety plus an unwillingness to go out and flirt with females I don't know. Although I can tell these things are starting to change, and I really need to push myself to get into more social situations (with strangers, not just people I know) - this is probably the hardest step for me (even more so than giving up PMO).

EDIT: Also, one month seems way too soon for someone as "young" as me too. I want to wait until at least 2 months.

Trust your intuition

but do make an effort to get out there when you can. Every attempt isn't going to be a good one, but the more you get out there, the easier it gets.

If you need structure in overcoming shyness, Toastmasters can be good. We all have a voice. Find yours! Toastmasters

What infinity said

If you're feeling urges and/or a physical response then you have libido. I've read some accounts where guys have the "flatline" except for the times of interacting with girls whether it's hugging, talking or even smelling their scent. If you feel the physical twinge from any of these (based on various accounts) and don't have libido otherwise you are in a flatline.

I'm very early in the reboot and still get the occasional brief semi when thinking of being close with some women I know. Aside from this minimal stimulus I have no libido. When it'll really kick in is when you'll have 100% erections from out of nowhere and they might last for five or ten minutes or however long, as some have reported here. Let your body do its thing (with PMO and little Fantasy as possible) and typically within a few months your body will have reset itself.